The Most Scenic Spots Along the Copper Canyon Railroad, Mexico

Sierra Tarahumara, Mexico
Sierra Tarahumara, Mexico | © Esdelval/Shutterstock
Photo of Lauren Cocking
Northern England Writer30 May 2018

While many argue that the most beautiful scenery along the length of the Copper Canyon railroad is to be had closer to Los Mochis, Sinaloa, rather than Chihuahua City, the truth of the matter is the entire train ride makes for a spectacular experience full of gorgeous vistas. Here are just some of most jaw-dropping views you can spot in and around the path of the Copper Canyon railroad.

Lake Arareko (sometimes written as Lake Arareco) is one of the most popular places to visit just off the Copper Canyon Railroad route and can be easily accessed from the town of Creel, just like the small town of Cauchuchic, some absolutely spectacular waterfalls and, of course, the famous Valle de los Monjes.

The spectacular Valle de los Monjes is a Copper Canyon must | © stacyarturogi/Shutterstock
Lake Arareko is close to the Railroad route | © Giulian Frisoni/ Flickr
A hut in Cauchuchic, near Creel | © eflon/ Flickr
The Basaseachic Falls | © Tabi/ Flickr
Lake Arareco, Mexico | © stacyarturogi/Shutterstock

You can also soak up some truly spectacular views from the train itself, especially on the stretch between El Fuerte (a popular start or end point amongst travellers who don’t fancy heading to Los Mochis) and Urique. However, if we’re being honest, most all of the route is gorgeous.

The El Fuerte to Bahuichivo section is picturesque | © Eli Duke/ Flickr
On the road from Bahuichivo to Urique | © Eli Duke/ Flickr
The El Fuerte to Bahuichivo stretch | © Eli Duke/ Flickr
The dramatic views over the Copper Canyon | © Eli Duke/ Flickr

The numerous towns you can stop off at along the route are well worth exploring too, especially when you catch them in the right light. The church below in Cerocahui only proves that point, as does the lookout in Divisadero.

Light streams through a church in Cerocahui | © Adam Singer/ Flickr
Divisadero is a popular stop on the railroad | © Comisión Mexicana de Filmaciones/ Flickr
Sierra Tarahumara, Mexico | © Esdelval/Shutterstock

While in the Sierra Tarahumara, you can even invest in some of the crafts made by the local people of the region and support their continued survival in this ever-more touristy part of Chihuahua.

A vibrantly-dressed woman in the Copper Canyons, Mexico | © Svetlana Bykova/ Shutterstock
Souvenirs for purchase in the Copper Canyons, Mexico | © Svetlana Bykova/Shutterstock

Convinced you should visit? You should be; after all, the Copper Canyon and its amazing breadth of scenic spots are waiting for you!

The Cusarare Falls just outside of Creel | © wayak/Shutterstock
There's nothing like a Copper Canyon, Mexico sunset | © Fernando Gutierrez Ortega/Shutterstock

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