The Best Waterside Restaurants in La Paz, Mexico

Known for the freshest seafood along its marina, La Paz has some of the best waterside restaurants to dine at
Known for the freshest seafood along its marina, La Paz has some of the best waterside restaurants to dine at | © Greg Vaughn / Alamy Stock Photo
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15 November 2021

Your journey around the Sea of Cortez will lead to La Paz one way or another, and you should arrive hungry. Even a short supply stop affords you enough time to fuel up on fresh seafood and the best bites around town. If you’re looking for meals by the marina and along the Malecon, these best waterside restaurants in La Paz, Mexico have a table for you.

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Restaurant, Seafood, Mexican, $$$
We’re not sure which is a more popular destination on the Malecon – the life-size photogenic “La Paz” sign or the bayside Bismarkcito restaurant across the street from it. The line stretching out of the front door without a doubt is full of boaters waiting for oyster shots. Or maybe the fresh octopus. And the scallops. Oh, the almejas chocolate, too – we could keep naming our favorite dishes, but it’d be easier and faster to just recite the menu front-to-back.

Mariscos Los Laureles

Restaurant, Seafood, $$$

The Cheese Devil may sound like obscure Baja folklore haunting the La Paz Malecon, but fear not – it’s merely one of the delicious fish filets at Mariscos Los Laureles. If you don’t feel like floundering through a plate of cream cheese, your fish could swim in garlic, butter, white sauce, or tomato sauce. No matter which you choose, one thing’s for sure – you’re going to need a larger napkin.

Harker Board Co

Bar, Mexican, $$$

Beer lovers will want to head over to Harker Board Co for a liquid lunch. Check the ever-changing chalkboard to see which pints from Baja Brewing, Belching Beaver, or Thorn Brewing are currently being poured. The drinks go down easy, which means you’d better order some burgers or pizza to prevent capsizing at the bar. Tacos, burritos, chilaquiles, sandwiches and salads are all on the menu, as well.

KYUU Sushi

Restaurant, Sushi, $$$

Got a hankering for seafood but don’t want to fill your hull with even more tortillas? KYUU Sushi invites you to hang out on their second-floor terrace and munch your way through their huge rolls. Fried rice drizzled with soy sauce and a California Extreme roll will make you feel miles from the Sea of Cortez. Before heading back to port, stop by the fishing store next door so you can catch and make sashimi while at sea.

Estrella del Mar

Restaurant, Mexican

Parked where the Marina Cortez meets the Malecon, Estrella del Mar gives you beachfront only steps from your boat. Coconut shrimp and two-for-one liquor shots pair a little too well, especially if you’re killing time until they start serving pizza in the late afternoon. Warm your feet up with a stroll on the sand with a tamarindo margarita in hand, wondering if it would be too much of a cliché if you ordered Baja tacos while dining on the Baja Peninsula.

Anzuelo Cocina del Mar

Restaurant, Mexican, $$$

So close to the water that you’ll literally watch fish dining right beneath you, Anzuelo Cocina del Mar is a lighthouse for any hungry sailor who lost their appetite at sea. The laid-back ambiance and sunset views are best savored with the agua fresca of the day – the guava is particularly satisfying. Fish tacos are never a bad option, but if you’re sailing the menu for something a little less standard, the chocolate clam appetizer was created with you in mind.

El Zarape De Lorena

Restaurant, Mexican, $$$

The plates at El Zarape de Lorena are just as colorful as this waterside restaurant’s hot pink exterior. The presentation of lime green rice, red and yellow chili peppers sparks a fire in the vegan enchiladas – and the jet black coffee puts your cena on a canvas. The two-for-one margaritas will add in whatever hues are missing from your vibrant spread.

Mariscos El Molinito

Restaurant, Seafood, $$$

Follow the sculptures from the Palmira Marina down the Malecon and stop when the smell of sizzling bacon reaches your nostrils. Mariscos El Molinito has a plate of bacon-wrapped shrimp ready to jump-start your lunch by the waterside. If pan-fried crustaceans and pork aren’t your tastebuds’ idea of a good time, then perhaps the Asian-inspired ceviche prepared with mango, soy sauce and sesame oil will give them something to dance about.

The Dock Cafe

Cafe, Mexican, $$$

One look at the heaping mound of tortilla chips buried by cheese, beans, salsa, guac and sour cream at the Dock Cafe will make you glad you’re not sailing or dining alone. You’re going to need all hands on deck to overcome this tidal wave of tasty nachos. If, by some chance, you’re able to keep her steady and steer your appetite through this appetizer, this marina-side cafe will treat you to calmer waters with a salty, appropriately-sized shrimp ceviche dish.

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