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The Best Rooftop Restaurants In Mexico City

The Best Rooftop Restaurants In Mexico City

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Mexico is renowned for its fiery cuisine throughout the world and there is much of it in Mexico City. Enjoy the explosive flavors, sparkling drinks but most of all, do not miss the breathtaking views which these excellent restaurants have to offer.
View from Puro Corazón | Courtesy of Puro Corazón
View from Puro Corazón | Courtesy of Puro Corazón

Brooklyn Rooftop

Brooklyn Rooftop is an oasis of relaxation in the form of a restaurant. The restaurant consists of a single terrace, looking out on to the busy city. One of Mexico City’s top chefs, Abel Hernández, rules the kitchen at Brooklyn Rooftop, so there is no doubt about the food’s high quality and excellent flavor. As is suggested in the name, stepping into this restaurant will transport you to Brooklyn: the menu is typical of the USA, with the highlight being the juicy and scrumptious Steak and Egg Sandwich.


Address & telephone number: Brooklyn Rooftop, Av. San Jerónimo 263, Local 77, Álvaro Obregón, Tizapán, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 55 5510 8903


Mexico City is home to the Torre Latinoamericana, a skyscraper 188m tall. It is here where you can find Miralto, on the 41st floor. This restaurant boasts spectacular views of the capital, particularly in the evening when the city is lit up. Notable landmarks include the Zócalo and the Metropolitan Cathedral. As for the food, Miralto offers a wonderful menu of ‘fusion cuisine’, which incorporates Italian, French and Spanish gastronomical technique. Watch out for delicious martinis and cocktails at this top-quality restaurant.


Address & telephone number: Miralto, Eje central # 2, Centro Histórico, (Piso 41, Torre Latinoamericana.), +52 55 5518 7423


Bellini is famous for being the largest revolving restaurant in the world. This restaurant resides on the 45th floor of the World Trade Center, offering unbeatable panoramic views of the capital city. When it comes to the cuisine, Bellini offers a menu with a great selection of traditional Mexican dishes. Bellini hosts live performers on several days of the week, from jazz bands to solo performances and Mexican groups. Don’t miss out on an unforgettable night of music, cuisine and views at Bellini.


Address & telephone number: Bellini, Montecito 38, Torre W.T.C., Col. Nápoles, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 55 9000 8305

Pasta and Shellfish | Courtesy of Bellini
Pasta and Shellfish | Courtesy of Bellini

La Casa de las Sirenas

A restored 16th century building, originally built using the brick ruins of the Aztec temples, houses La Casa de las Sirenas, a fantastic restaurant-bar with an excellent terrace. From this terrace you can enjoy beautiful views of all the main attractions of Mexico City’s Centro Histórico. This historic restaurant-bar offers a splendid menu of the nation’s favorite and most traditional dishes, which taste just as good as they look. Don’t miss out on La Casa de las Sirenas’ renowned tequila salons, where you can taste over 250 brands of Mexico’s national alcoholic drink.


Address & telephone number: La Casa de las Sirenas, República de Guatemala No. 32, Centro Histórico, Mexico Ciy, Mexico, +52 55 5704 3273

Puro Corazón

Six floors up is Puro Corazón, one of the best of the Centro Histórico’s traditional restaurants. Here you can find both contemporary and traditional Mexican dishes. The drinks menu includes a range of delicious margaritas, cocktails and other beverages.


Address & telephone number: Puro Corazón, Monte de Piedad 11. Centro Histórico, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 55 5510 8903