The Best Resorts in Ensenada, Mexico

The coastline of Baja California around Ensenada is simply stunning at sunset
The coastline of Baja California around Ensenada is simply stunning at sunset | © vicy / Alamy Stock Photo
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19 August 2021

Country casas and beach hotels beside the waves hit the spot in and around Baja California’s coastal city. Overlooking the Pacific and just south of the US border, Ensenada makes a good bet for a resort-based beach break. With some of the freshest ceviche in Mexico and exquisite wines from the neighboring Valle de Guadalupe, this is an ideal foodie destination, too. We’ve found the best resorts in Ensenada – all bookable with Culture Trip – so you can kick back and relax after kayaking or visiting the vineyards.

El Cielo Winery & Resort

Resort, Hotel
4.4/5 (315 Reviews)
4d438dc7 - El Cielo Winery & Resort
© El Cielo Winery & Resort / Expedia
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El Cielo Winery & Resort sits on 71 acres of winding vineyards in the picturesque Valle de Guadalupe, a short drive from Ensenada. The hotel’s suites hide in lavish villas dotted around a central, rock-framed lake, each one featuring sweeping views out to the valley. Of course, you’ll want to try the wines, which range from merlot to chardonnay, while tucking into a feast flavored with fresh, locally grown produce – such as chilies, cilantro, figs and oranges, plus helpings of Baja’s boat-fresh seafood.
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Maglén Resort

Map View
3840e164 - Maglen Resort
© Maglén Resort / Expedia
Maglén Resort, in the wine-rich Valle de Guadalupe, has 60 rooms, each with their own terrace for gazing out at the surrounding landscape. Dotted around the resort, there’s also a pool, jacuzzi and gardens for you to wind down in. Once you’ve overindulged in Baja wines, head to the nearby Ruta 90.8 Brewery or Aromas Coffee to sample craft brews of a different kind.

Casa Playa Baja Resort

Map View
7114a7a8 - Casa Playa Baja Resort
© Casa Playa Baja Resort / Expedia
Casa Playa Baja Resort sits right on the Pacific oceanfront in between Tijuana and Ensenada. Around the whitewashed beach house, there are lush gardens and the options of surfing the waves, tasting tequila or touring the vineyards of Valle de Guadalupe. Rooms are traditionally Mexican in style with homespun furniture and ceramics. The beachside deck and pool are the spot to spy passing marine life, such as whales and dolphins.

Horsepower Ranch

Boutique Hotel, Resort
3.3/5 (3 Reviews)
109443798 - Horsepower Ranch -
© Horsepower Ranch /
Horsepower Ranch has a rustic vibe combined with all the luxury of a 100-acre resort, surrounded by vineyards and aromatic orange orchards. Stays include both breakfast and dinner at the traditional, laid-back cantina, where refreshing cocktails are also on the cards. Practice your volleyball skills on the courts or pedal around the mountain-biking track, before lounging by the palm-lined pool which transports you back to the Baja’s ’60s heyday, when Hollywood regularly retreated to this oasis resort.
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Hotel Coral and Marina

Budget Hotel
4.5/5 (969 Reviews)
f9a88e4f - Hotel Coral and Marina
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Hotel Coral is a flamingo-pink, oceanfront property beside Ensenada’s yacht-lined marina. Rooms feature views out over the ocean beyond the marina’s moorings. Take a dip in the outdoor pool or the heated indoor pool on cooler days. For sea-faring activities, try kayaking or paddle boarding, then chill out afterwards at the C Spa, complete with a sauna, steam room and menu of massages and facial treatments.
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  • Sueños Resort

    Map View
    1d5b8848 - Suenos Resort
    © Sueños Resort / Expedia
    Sueños Resort is a country retreat in the Valle de Guadalupe, where you’re likely to be greeted with a glass of wine on arrival. This traditional mansion-style residence has regal rooms, neat green lawns and a central terrace that’s perfect for looking out over the vines or gazing at the stars by night – a telescope’s on hand to help you spot the specter.

    Estero Beach Hotel & Resort

    4.3/5 (922 Reviews)
    2054388a - Estero Beach Hotel & Resort
    © Estero Beach Hotel & Resort / Expedia
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    Estero Beach Hotel & Resort is right on the oceanfront in Ensenada so you can enjoy beach strolls, sea swims and balmy breezes. Head out on a jet ski, kayak or paddle board on the water, or knock a ball around on the tennis or volleyball courts. The Terrazas restaurant serves up dishes of grilled octopus or ribeye steak to round off the day.
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    Corona Hotel & Spa

    Resort, Spa Hotel
    4.3/5 (506 Reviews)
    282717270 - Corona Hotel & Spa -
    © Corona Hotel & Spa /
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    Corona Hotel & Spa sits at the main entrance to Ensenada in a white, fortress-like building that stands guard over the city’s marina. El Ancla bar is the spot for sipping on a margarita or two. But for even more zen, head to the Marina Spa for sauna time and a facial to soothe sun-kissed skin.
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    Torre Lucerna Hotel Ensenada

    4.3/5 (706 Reviews)
    5d9731b1 - Torre Lucerna Hotel Ensenada
    © Torre Lucerna Hotel Ensenada / Expedia
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    Torre Lucerna is all glitz and glamour in front of the ocean. Rooms feature mosaic tiles, artistic photography and glossy hanging lamps. When you’re done relaxing by the pool, take your pick of three restaurants and two bars serving up anything from a fresh deli sandwich to expertly grilled meats. La Azotea Rooftop Raw Bar is a special spot to watch the sunset with seafood sashimi and a sophisticated cocktail.
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