The Best Markets in Puebla, Mexico

Puebla market
Puebla market | © Julian Frisoni / Flickr
There is so much to explore in Puebla. Delicious food, beautiful crafts and lots of antiques draw visitors and locals out of their houses and hotels and into the streets to explore the city and hunt for treasures and trinkets. Here are some of our favorite markets to explore in Puebla.

Los Sapos

A weekend antiques market that sells everything from jewelry and trinkets to old vinyl records and Mexican comic books. Here you’ll find folks a little more willing to bargain than vendors at flea markets in Mexico City, and the selection is truly special. This market takes place on the leafy Los Sapos plaza and is best enjoyed with a cool drink in hand and nowhere important to be.

Puebla market © emilie_wasserson / Flickr

El Parián

A tourist’s delight for sure, El Parián sells all manner of Mexican crafts, textiles, and Puebla’s most famous export: Talavera pottery. While the quality may not be museum-worthy, the prices will be easy on your wallet. This outdoor market is a delight to just amble through, stopping at various stands and shops. They claim to be the oldest artisan market in the city.

Tianguis de Analco

Located in one of Puebla’s oldest neighborhoods, Barrio de Analco, this market has been going since the 16th century. Today’s selection of goods for sale includes lots of Poblano arts and crafts (like pottery, wood carvings, and toys), as well as flowers, handmade jewerly, artisan textiles, souvenirs and much more. Open every Saturday and Sunday, it’s ideal for a weekend treasure hunt.

Puebla market © Julian Frisoni / Flickr

Mercado Hidalgo

The giant Puebla market that sits next to the city’s central bus station is a labyrinth of items for every want or whim. Household goods, toys, clothes and shoes are all on display, as well as dozens and dozens of food stands, selling Poblano specialities like mole and international faves like hamburgers. With a little bit of everything, you’re bound to find something special.

Mercado Carmen Serdán (La Acocota)

One of Puebla’s largest and most traditional markets, Mercado La Acocota has everything that classic city markets are known to carry. There are stands for chicken, meat and fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, spices and dried goods, plus several stands that sell the regional speciality, mole, as well as some great cemitas stands in the center of the market.

Puebla market © 16:9clue / Flickr

Mercado de Sabores

As the name suggests, this market was created to bring you the best of the best Poblano flavors (sabores). At the market’s large food court you can try tacos árabes, cemita sandwiches, and pipián verde (a type of mole made with pumpkin seeds), all endemic to Puebla and all unmissable flavor experiences in Mexico’s fourth-largest city.

Mercado 5 de Mayo

One of the city’s oldest markets, Mercado 5 de Mayo is another classic city market, covered, with fresh produce and meat products, as well as local cuisine specialities, household goods, and personal care products. If you want to hang out where the locals are, check out this market.

El Parian market © Jesus Dehesa / Flickr

Mercado del Alto

This market, mainly consisting of prepared food stands, is also known as Puebla’s Garibaldi Square, in reference to the famous meeting point for mariachis in Mexico City. This is where you can hear local mariachi music or hire a band to serenade you and your lover. The market itself has an unmistakable façade and there are various annual shows for special days, like the St. Cecilia Day, in honor of the patron saint of music.