The Best Markets In Mexico City, Mexico

The Best Markets In Mexico City, Mexico
Exploring Mexico City’s markets is one of the best ways to experience the city. With the markets being such an important part of the city’s fabric, we’ve picked out the best ones.
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La Ciudadela

This market is a perfect place to buy a wide variety of Mexican crafts. The colorful stalls are enticing and really succeed in drawing you in. Stalls often sell the same crafts at different prices, so shop around before committing to any purchases. Plan on making a day of it and browsing the stalls.

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El Bazar Sabado

This market is popular with both tourists and locals and showcases some of Mexico’s best handcrafted products. However, El Bazar Sabado tends to be towards the more premium side of things on the price front, so bring enough pesos. Many artisans do accept card, but don’t be afraid to haggle for the best price.

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Mercado Del Carmen

This market is different from many other Mexican markets in that it doesn’t actually feel much like a market at all. This upscale, classy marketplace is an area to pick up the best beers, macarons, cupcakes, and barbecue items, in a hip setting. Mercado Del Carmen doesn’t feel traditional in the normal sense of the word, instead feeling modern and urban.

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Mercado de San Juan

There are no crafts to be found here in this Mexican food market. However, the levels of craft shown in some of the food stalls may make you doubt this. This market has a reputation for the exotic or gourmet, with plenty of imported cheeses, pâtés, and meats. This is the place to be in Mexico if you’re looking for fresh fruit, fish, or cuts of meat.

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La Lagunilla

La Lagunilla is one of the largest markets in the city, and it consists of three big sections. There is a one for clothing, one for furniture and homeware, and one for food. The market is surrounded by street vendors and stalls. The street vendors surround the fixed market every day, on Sundays the scope extends, as do the crowds. Try to go on a quieter day if possible.