The Best International Restaurants in Mexico City

Mexico City isn't just awash with culture and history (although it does also have plenty of both – as evidenced by the beautiful Palacio de Bellas Artes), but also scintillating cuisine
Mexico City isn't just awash with culture and history (although it does also have plenty of both – as evidenced by the beautiful Palacio de Bellas Artes), but also scintillating cuisine | © Maria Swärd / Unsplash

As one of the most vibrant capitals in Latin America, Mexico City not only offers a wide variety of local restaurants and eateries, but it’s also the perfect place for foodies in search of foreign dishes. From family-owned Indian food to vegan sushi, here is Culture Trip’s list of the best international restaurants in the area.

Monsieur Croque

Restaurant, French, $$$
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Mexico City is full of French-inspired restaurants, and Monsieur Croque offers a more approachable take on this world-renowned cuisine. This place specializes in comfort food. It is famous for its sandwiches and soups, which makes it the perfect spot to spend a rainy day in the city. If you love French classics, then you should try the croque madame but, if you are feeling adventurous, then you can order a pink latte, which is a warm drink made with beetroot. Bonus point? Monsieur Croque is right next to a French bakery called Ficelle. Both of them belong to the same person, but Ficelle focuses exclusively on desserts. So enjoy a comforting sandwich and then move next door for an eclair, a macaron or even a fig tart.


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Although the Zona Rosa in Mexico City is more famous for its bars and nightclubs, there is a quiet corner that hides one of the best Japanese restaurants in the capital. The lunch menu is, by far, their most popular option. For an extremely affordable price, you can get a plate with rice, soup, veggies and a main dish. However, you can also order à la carte. There are plenty of traditional dishes such as nigiri, temaki (both are different types of sushi) and udon (noodles) as well as an excellent selection of cocktails. It’s not uncommon to watch a few Japanese expats having a bite here or just enjoying a glass of sake. If you add to that the koi fish pond and the cherry blossom trees that decorate the place, you’ll feel you have traveled outside of Mexico before finishing your first course.

Taj Mahal

Restaurant, Indian, $$$
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When it comes to Indian food, Taj Mahal is the most authentic choice in Mexico City. Located in the heart of the Condesa neighborhood, this restaurant was born thanks to the efforts of two brothers who left India with the goal of sharing their home food with the Mexican people. With a homey and relaxed environment, every option on the menu offers an explosion of flavors. Customers can enjoy traditional dishes such as butter chicken and beef vindaloo, as well as popular drinks including chai and lassi. The waiters are always happy to make recommendations.


Restaurant, Lebanese
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This place is a little-known delight in the Condesa neighborhood. Almost hidden between some of the more popular restaurants in the area, Kebabji is a rare find known mostly by locals. This tiny Lebanese restaurant offers some traditional meat kebabs that can please even the pickiest of palates. Nevertheless, it is also a great option for vegetarians. The hummus, the tabbouleh (herbs and tomato salad) and the falafel are great for non-meat eaters. Just keep in mind that the space is limited. Kebabji has only four tables and they’re usually full (which is a good indicator of the quality of the food). But you can always order to go and eat at home, or even have an improvised picnic at Parque España, which is a picturesque park right in front of the restaurant.

La Tapperia de Comonfort

Restaurant, Spanish
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If you want a taste of foreign lands, but you don’t want to hurt your wallet, then you should try La Tapperia de Comonfort. This restaurant specializes in Spanish tapas (snacks) and wine, which sounds fancy, but since it’s located in the heart of the Lagunilla Street Market, its prices are pretty affordable. La Tapperia de Comonfort tries to provide a cute and welcoming space for the visitors of the chaotic bazaar. Here, customers can enjoy traditional tapas combinations such as Iberian ham and goats cheese, or opt for more exotic mixes including caviar, Roquefort cheese and peach. Although this eccentric eatery maintains a typically Spanish flair, the main difference is that their tapas, unlike traditional ones, are huge. But that only means that you will need just one to stay full for the rest of the day.


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Are you looking for an international restaurant that is also vegan friendly? Then Plantasia is the perfect place for you. With dishes inspired by Southeast Asian cuisine, this plant-based cafe uses local ingredients to create seasonal menus that are always ready to surprise customers. From eggplant sushi rolls to Peking shitake mushrooms, you will never get bored in this very Zen space. It is also worth noting that Plantasia opened the first botanic bar in Mexico City, which offers a cocktail menu that is 100% alcohol-free. So, if you are curious, stop by and enjoy its kombucha (sweetened vinegar-based syrup) and coconut kefir drinks.

El 10

Restaurant, Argentina, $$$
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Although the north of Mexico is famous for its meat options, it is also true that few things can be compared to a scrumptious Argentinian beef cut. El 10 is a chain restaurant devoted to offering dishes with 100% Argentinian flavor. From empanadas to choripan (bread with chorizo) to traditional churrasco (grilled beef), this place is perfect for enjoying a fun evening with friends or family. And, although meat is the star of El 10, the restaurant also offers some vegetarian options, such as its grilled provoleta (typical Argentinian cheese) or its veggie parrillada (barbecue). Pair your meal with a big glass of red wine and get ready for a truly South American experience.


Restaurant, Italian
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If you have massive carb cravings and are in the mood for splurging, then you can’t miss Piacevole. This sophisticated Italian restaurant offers the best Mediterranean flavors in the city and adds a healthy twist. Piacevole is located in Santa Fe, the Financial District on the outskirts of the capital, which means that you might need to take a day trip to enjoy their food, but we promise the octopus risotto is worth it. And, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, then you can’t miss the gelato (frozen Italian dessert). It’s the closest you’ll get to Italy without crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

These recommendations were updated on June 29, 2020 to keep your travel plans fresh.

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