The Best Hostels for Budget Travelers in Cancún

Isla Blanca | © Carlos Mendoza Lima  / Flickr
Isla Blanca | © Carlos Mendoza Lima / Flickr
Cancún doesn’t have to be expensive, as these budget hostels show. Stay in downtown rather than at the beach and you can get a dorm bed at very accessible prices, rather than blowing your budget at a beach hotel.

The Mermaid Hostel Downtown

Market 28, Cancún
Market 28, Cancún | © David Stanley / Flickr
Another downtown option, this hostel is the more affordable sister to the The Mermaid Hostel Beach. Guests will be within easy reach of the bus station, restaurants and bars in downtown, and the buses to the beach leave from just one block away. Stay here rather than at the beach and you’ll get a taste of how Cancún is for locals, rather than tourists.
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Mayan Hostel Cancun

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Sleep under a traditional thatched roof at this great budget hostel. There is an amazing terrace that you don’t often see in properties in this price range, and the whole place is light and clean. Mayan Hostel proves that budget accommodation doesn’t have to be dingy. You can expect all of the standard amenities such as wifi, lockers, and a kitchen as well.
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Chac Mool Hostel Cancun

A great option for budget solo travelers who want to socialize, Chac Mool offers single and double rooms in addition to dorms. If you’re traveling with expensive equipment or you just want some privacy, the private rooms give all the benefits of a hotel but with the atmosphere of a hostel. Breakfast is included in the price.

Drinks in Cancún © Ewen Roberts / flickr


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Just four blocks from the main bus station, Soberanis is a good downtown option. The breakfast comes highly recommended, plus it’s included in the price. There is a common room where you can hang out with other guests, and the wifi reaches every room. Single, double, and triple rooms are available, as well as dorms.

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Hotel Margaritas

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You might not expect to get a pool at a budget hostel, but Hotel Margaritas confounds expectations. Book a single, double, triple, or quad room, or settle into a dorm. It’s right near Cancún nightlife so you won’t be stuck for things to do, and there is a common room where you can battle your hangover if you can’t face the pool.

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The Cancún Nest Hostel

If you want a quiet stay then Cancún Nest is for you. It’s not the most sociable of places, but there are cheap private rooms and even cheaper dorms. The facilities are fairly standard, with wifi, lockers and breakfast, and you can’t expect too much more at this price.

The Cancún Nest Hostel, Calle Alcatraces 49, SM. 22, M. 11, Cancún, Mexico