The Best Facebook Pages for Renting Apartments in Mexico City

© Nick Keppol / flickr
© Nick Keppol / flickr
If you’re planning a move to Mexico City, finding and renting a good place to stay is vital. While you might be overwhelmed at the thought of finding housing in a foreign country, there are a few good online services such as Facebook groups that can make the process easier and smoother. Here’s our pick of the best.
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Cuartos, habitaciones en renta México D.F.

With over 16,000 members, this Spanish-language Facebook group is a huge resource for finding an apartment, being 100% dedicated to housing opportunities so you won’t have to filter through event announcements and visa questions. This is also a good resource for folks who want to go beyond the main “foreigner” neighborhoods and live in other parts of the city, as listings run the gamut on locations throughout the metropolitan area.

Foreigners in Mexico City (DF)

This Facebook group is by far the biggest (over 9,000 members) and most active foreigners page for Mexico City. Members are constantly posting everything from apartment and shared housing opportunities to job announcements (seeking and offering), event announcements, recommendations and suggestions – everything from getting a pedicure to obtaining a visa.

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Foreigners in the City (Mexico City)

The city’s second largest Facebook group with over 6,000 members, this is also a very active page for housing, events, advice and commentary in the foreign community. There are no politics allowed on this page, but members can advertise their small business and freelance services within reason.

Americans in Mexico City

While this Facebook group is specifically marketed towards residents from the U.S., it can still be a helpful platform for foreign residents of all types. Like the group above, the listings are not dedicated 100 percent to apartments or housing, but include all manner of tips and advice for living in Mexico City. You may have to deal with some political debate about U.S. politics, but the helpful stuff is worth the membership.

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Expats Living in Mexico

Another foreigners Facebook group, but this time countrywide. You may find housing opportunities listed for Mexico City or anywhere else in the nation, and you can also post your requests to the larger foreigner community. If you plan to move around a bit once you are in country, we highly recommend joining this group as well as the two previous ones listed.

Rooms / Housing / Accommodation / Mexico City

This group is directly related to – a service for international students and interns looking for places to live worldwide. While the site doesn’t get a vast amount of action, you can peruse the list without having a membership for It’s more a forum for visiting folks to ask questions and residents to list their apartments. The Housing Anywhere platform is a also a great resource for students coming to Mexico City, operating much like Airbnb.

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Apartments and Rooms in Mexico City

This page is run by an agency that posts information about private rooms, apartments and short-term housing opportunities in many of Mexico City’s central neighborhoods including Condesa, Roma, Chapultepec and the Alameda. These apartments are well-kept, furnished and slightly more mid-range that some of the cheaper options you might find on apartment listing sites.

Airbnb Mexico City

This page is run by a local Airbnb host with four different places throughout Mexico City’s hugely popular Condesa neighborhood. In the ‘About’ section of the page there is a detailed list of amenities for each space they rent. While not offering a huge variety of options, it’s a page worth keeping an eye on while you’re searching.