The Best Documentaries About Mexico City to Watch Before Your Trip

Mexico City at dusk
Mexico City at dusk | © PebblePicJay / Flickr
Photo of Lydia Carey
8 April 2018

Mexico City a place that is hard to capture from a single perspective: its food, art, music, and culture converge into a wild, chaotic, and awe-inspiring mix of sights and sounds. We’ve gathered the best documentaries to introduce you to Mexico’s capital before you head to the world’s largest Spanish-speaking metropolis.

Megacities: Mexico City (2009)

National Geographic‘s Mexico City epsiode of the series titled Megacities is admittedly a little old-school, but with the recent 2017 earthquakes, including September’s 7.1-magnitude quake that rocked the capital, this documentary is vital for its geographical background on why Mexico is so susceptible to natural disasters. A warning to anyone who’s sensitive: some of the photos from the 1985 earthquake are intense.

World’s Busiest Cities: Mexico City (2017)

In BBC‘s World’s Busiest Cities episode on Mexico City, reporters discuss and dissect the struggles of Mexico City, from maintaining clean water to the upkeep of its clean streets. It also looks into how the massive metropolis keeps functioning from day to day.

Super Amigos (2007)

Super Amigos is a comic documentary telling the stories of five super heros that have donned classic Mexican lucha libre masks and, instead of heading to the ring, head out to the streets. These masked men fight injustice, prejudice, and corruption with the light-hearted attitude of a man in tights.

Reflexión (2016)

One of Mexico City’s important and endangered resources, las chinampas, will slowly disappear unless residents start to recognize their vitality to the city. The short documentary Reflexión introduces you to this beautiful and forgotten natural side of the capital and why we should all care about protecting these ancient Aztec floating gardens.

Hecho en México (2012)

Not only about Mexico City, Hecho en México is a documentary about the country’s myriad of musical expressions and is absolutely necessary to watch if you want to understand its native sounds.

The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo (2005)

If you plan on visiting Mexico City, it’s important to get to know some of the capital’s most famous residents. The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo by PBS tells the story of the fascinating artist and Mexico City’s wild-hearted woman.

Chef’s Table: Enrique Olvera (2016)

The Netflix Chef’s Table episode dedicated to the country’s current culinary star, Enrique Olvera, gives you a look at what’s in store for this world class city’s food scene.

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