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Huatulco │© wytze / Flickr
Huatulco │© wytze / Flickr
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The Best Beach Escapes for 2018

Picture of Lydia Carey
Updated: 26 February 2018
Mexico’s coastline is vast and endless, with locations that have become household names across the world – Acapulco, Cancun, Los Cabos, Tulum. Here’s a list of a few lesser-known beaches that provide a break from the mass tourism of some of the resort areas. Your perfect beach vacation awaits you in 2018.


For many years a sleepy surfers’ haven, Sayulita has made a splash on the international travel stage and now boasts organic coffeeshops, luxury boutique hotels and fantastic shopping. The beaches in and around Sayulita are still a surfer’s dream, but you might have to fight for space more these days with all the national and international tourists flooding the area’s beaches. Still, this bohemian paradise hasn’t lost its mellow vibe or its beauty, and makes for a great 2018 getaway from the hustle and bustle.

Sayulita │ | © Apasciuto / flickr


Michoacan‘s coast is calm and welcoming, with some isolated beach beauty that’s yours to explore solo. Rent a car and drive down the state’s coastal highway that hugs the seaside and delivers you to dozens of golden-sand spots where tiny seafood restaurants and dirt-floored palapas can be had for a steal.

Michoacan beaches │ | © Christian Javan / flickr


Mexico’s infamous nudist beach is also one of its most beautiful beaches along the Oaxacan coast. Tiny towns dot the half moon-shaped beach with its fine sand and mellow waves. There is delicious food to be had in the mom-and-pop restaurants in the area, and just enough nightlife in some of the bigger towns to keep you from being completely horizontal on the sand.

Baja California

Baja has so many great beach towns, including the hippie paradise Todos Santos and the playground of the rich, Los Cabos. Outside of urban centers though, you will find stark landscapes, impressively isolated backroads and some of the bluest water in all of Mexico. The winter season brings migrating whales to the Baja coast, while the cool Pacific coast is home to some great surf breaks.

Baja California│ | © Phil Konstantin / flickr

Punta Mita

In between the psuedo-urban Puerto Vallarta and the tiny and touristy Sayulita is Punta Mita, the Pacific coast’s most affluent stretch of beaches and surf breaks. It seems as though a new five-star hotel is opening up in Punta Mita every month and with such a beautiful climate and scenery, why not? If you want to go high-end, all-inclusive or not, Punta Mita should be your destination for 2018.


The city of Veracruz and surrounding coast land is home to some of Mexico’s amazing coral reefs, and make great places for diving and snorkeling. For an out-of-the-city beach destination try Anton Lizardo Beach or Montepio. Staying on the beach and heading to the port of Veracruz for a day or two makes a great itinerary – the port has good food, great music, and a Caribbean vibe that’s hard to beat.

Anton Lizardo Beach │ | © Edgar Efrén López Ramos / flickr


Huatulco’s beaches line its beautiful bay and offer everything that a traveler could want, from huts on the beach to luxury all-inclusive hotels with golf courses and spas. The important thing is that they all connect to that magical Pacific ocean coastline, and are just a few hours from the Oaxacan capital city. The Oaxacan coast is called Mexico’s most beautiful by many, but we’ll let you make up your own mind.

Huatulco │ | © wytze / Flickr

Boca del Cielo and Puerto Arista

Chiapas is better known for its coffee plantations and Laconda jungle than its beaches, but don’t be dissuaded, it has some worthy stops of your beach tour of Mexico. Puerto Arista and Boca del Cielo near the town of Tonalá in the Soconusco region are two favorite destinations for beach-goers in this state – long stretches of uninterrupted beach, little development and lots of 100% Mexican charm make these beaches a must-see.

Puerto Arista │© Manguel Huerta / Flickr | © Manguel Huerta / Flickr


Forty minutes north of Mexico’s Zihuatanejo, Troncones beach has been a foreign enclave for years, but hasn’t gotten that much coverage until just recently. With a handful of good restaurants, a few yoga retreats and some mellow waves, this small town might be just want you are looking for in 2018. Book a place to stay in advance if you’re going to during the winter months, as the place can fill up, and make sure to take a day trip to Zihuantanejo to shop in the local fish market.

Troncones Point│ | © smansmith / flickr