The Best Bars And Clubs For A Unique Mexico City Night Out

Articbar | Courtesy Articbar
Articbar | Courtesy Articbar
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Northern England Writer15 October 2016

As one of the largest and in some ways most cosmopolitan capital city in the world, of course Mexico City has bars and clubs that cater for the weird and wonderful tastes of its inhabitants and visitors. If you’re looking for a unique night out in the Mexican capital – and by that we mean no chain bars, no ‘secret’ speakeasies and no pulquerías or mezcalerías (which are increasingly more common nowadays anyway) – then this is the guide for you.

Patrick Miller

The name might sound inconspicuous enough, but this is a legendary night-out destination in Mexico City. Having been open for over 20 years, the reputation of Patrick Miller is immense – mere mention of the name to those who’ve been often provokes a knowing grimace, due to its sweaty, high intensity atmosphere and neon décor, among other things. Famous for its dance off circles and varied clientele, you pay for your drinks with pre-bought tokens.

Patrick Miller, Calle Mérida 17, Cuauhtémoc, Roma Nte., Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 5511 5406

Punto Gozadera

Punto Gozadera is a particularly quirky spot to pay a visit to in Mexico City. Literally translating to ‘Pleasure Point’, it doesn’t take much more than an educated guess to understand what this feminist café/bar’s name is making reference to. While they only open until 10pm, the events they regularly hold there are more than unique and very much warrant Punto Gozadera a spot on this list. For example, one of their recent workshops was a hands-on introduction to female ejaculation: perhaps not for the faint-hearted!

Punto Gozadera, Plaza de San Juan 15, Centro, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 1135 4611


The trend of so-called ‘ice bars’, in which you enjoy a night out in sub-zero temperatures, has rapidly spread across the globe and now Mexico City finds itself in possession of one. Articbar has two separate zones – one is a standard bar/lounge area, whereas the other has the thermostat set to 15 below zero. For the faint-hearted and warm blooded, it might not be the best spot to hang out all night, but we reckon you should definitely give it a try! And hey, at least they lend you a nice fluffy coat. Order the sushi if you find yourself getting peckish midway through the night.

Articbar, Av. Nuevo León 73 2º Piso, Cuauhtémoc, Condesa, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 3444 5995

Articbar | Courtesy Articbar

Articbar | Courtesy of Articbar

Real Under

A gothic haven, the Real Under is a hotspot for fans of subculture. When you first enter, you climb some well-trodden stairs before entering the bar, which is often filled with Mexico City youths dressed to impress in their finest goth gear. You thought backcombing had fallen out of favor? Think again at the Real Under. Punks and goths will love this unique night out, but those not so involved in the subculture might find it a little intimidating (and crowded).

Real Under, Eje 2 Poniente Monterrey 80, Cuauhtémoc, Benito Juárez, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 5511 5475

Bang Bang

Colonia Roma is notorious for playing host to some of the city’s most weird and wonderful night life spots. However, it also has a reputation equally as true for being pretty hipster. Bang Bang falls somewhere between these two categories; inspired by the work of Stanley Kubrick, the décor is something else. Think neon lights, 2001: Space Odyssey paraphernalia everywhere and an out-of-this-world smoking area. Their cocktails come highly recommended, as do their occasional nude drawing classes.

Bang Bang, Álvaro Obregón 153-A, Col. Roma, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 5533 4845

El Rincón Vikingo

This very new addition to Mexico City’s night-life scene (it only opened in early September 2016) is something a little out of the ordinary due to its Viking theme. El Rincón Vikingo boasts ‘authentic’ wooden tables, hand carved wooden beer jars and Viking-style music, so perhaps don’t drop by if you’re looking to dance cumbia. Accompany your beers with some BBQ meat or tacos, and make sure to snap a selfie with the Viking horned helmets that the waiters will kindly lend you.

El Rincón Vikingo, Av. de los Insurgentes Sur 497, Hipódromo, Ciudad de México, México

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Salón Barba Azul

Salón Barba Azul hosts a cabaret like no other. In fact, this cabaret is bordering on the surreal and would definitely make for a unique night out in Mexico City, a capital with a strong tradition of cabaret and dance shows. Despite its somewhat out-of-the-way location, Barba Azul is well worth paying a visit to, not least because you’ll be getting a far more underground experience than just attending a cabaret in the center of the city.

Salón Barba Azul, Calle Gutiérrez Nájera No. 291, Cuauhtémoc, Obrera, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 5588 6070


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Paranoid Visions

An offshoot location of the equally strange UTA bar, Paranoid Visions is as unique as they come. Comprised of several rooms, each of which plays a different genre of music, you might feel a bit like you’ve traveled back to the 80s – and not for the music, but for the peculiar vibe of the place. However, some of the coolest details come from the décor of Paranoid Visions; suspended wine bottle lamps and a grungy interior just add to the atmosphere.

Paranoid Visions, Av. Insurgentes Nte. 134, Sta María la Ribera, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 5547 4290

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Its name is a play on the Spanish for ‘Mexican’ (Mexicano) and the naco subculture that many associate with certain parts of the country. Mexinaco is one of the most kitsch, over-the-top destinations in the capital, which defines itself as a fancy place for nacos and a naco place for fancy people. With live music, some enormous and fantastic murals on the walls, plus (oddly enough) washing machines in the bathrooms, Mexinaco is certainly a unique experience whichever way you look at it.

Mexinaco, Av Michoacán 151, Cuauhtémoc, Condesa, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 5912 8246

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By Lauren Cocking

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