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Courtyard | courtesy of Hacienda La Magdalena
Courtyard | courtesy of Hacienda La Magdalena
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The 8 Best Cultural Hotels in Zapopan, Guadalajara

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Historical Zapopan is an underrated city in Jalisco and is the perfect place to set up your temporary home during your stay in this gorgeous, diverse western Mexican state. You can stop by the Basilica of Zapopan, try out some world-class cuisine or sample some small-scale, traditional Mexican restaurants. Enjoy brunch at any one of the excellent cafés in the area and rest safe in the knowledge you’re staying only a stone’s throw away from cultural Guadalajara.
Courtyard | courtesy of Hacienda La Magdalena
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Hacienda la Magdalena

This sprawling hotel, once a 17th-century ranch, has been transformed into an elegant, stylish boutique hotel with a range of amenities. Located only 15 minutes from the center of Zapopan, and 45 minutes from the popular tourist destination of Guadalajara, Hacienda La Magdalena is ideal for those looking to be within easy reach of the cities but also isolated in their own little world. The plot on which this hacienda is situated is fantastic and perfect for nature lovers; fountains, brooks and ancient willow trees are all over the place. Perfect for a romantic getaway, it even has the remains of its own 18th-century chapel archway framing what is now the entrance.

Price: Mid-range

Watch out for: Character features surrounded by sprawling woodland

Address & telephone number: Carretera Colotlán 1701 Km. 1.7, Zapopan, Mexico, +52 33 3897 0648

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Hotel Posada Santa Fe

Hotel Posada Santa Fe works as a budget hotel, placing you right in the center of the Zapopan action. Clean and comfortable, it’s not a five-star resort; however, it is great for the traveler who’s a little strapped for cash and still wants the opportunity to explore the history and culture of this city, as well as nearby Guadalajara. Despite the basic nature of the bedrooms – some of which have views of a small nearby valley – the hotel itself has an attractive outdoor garden area. They also have offers for long term visitors.

Price: Budget

Watch out for: Simplicity and low prices

Address & telephone number: Callejon del Muro 4350, Zapopan, Mexico, +52 33 3343 1617

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La Mansión del Sol

This small luxury hotel features an eclectic, colonial interior design aesthetic and excellent, personalized and friendly service. If you want to experience a hotel that showcases a little of traditional Mexican style, La Mansión del Sol is your best bet, as this quaint converted house has some lovely classic features. From the vibrant blue bathroom tiles, to the quaint wood beamed ceilings, it is cozy and homey. Not to mention its outdoor space – small but pretty and well kept, it only adds to the overall familial feel of the place. You feel a little like you’ve stepped back in time with La Mansión del Sol, with its abundance of wood panelling, but it only ever feels comforting, never tacky.

Price: Budget to mid-range

Watch out for: Cozy, traditional design

Address & telephone number: Avenida Moctezuma 1596, Zapopan, Mexico, +52 33 3647 4762

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Áurea Hotel and Suites

A budget option that still feels luxurious, Áurea Hotel and Suites is located within easy reach of any tourist attraction in both Zapopan and Guadalajara and is well recommended for both solo travelers and families. The rooms themselves, unlike most budget options, are spacious and clean despite the fact that this is also a pet-friendly hotel. For anyone traveling with their beloved four-legged friend, this handy little spot would be ideal. As well as this, it has lots of green, outdoor space – reflected in the green accents in the rooms – and a sizable pool if you fancy taking a dip.

Price: Budget

Watch out for: Pet-friendliness

Address & telephone number: Avenida López Mateos Sur 3848, Zapopan, Mexico, +52 33 3632 5903

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Hacienda Lomajim Hotel Boutique & Spa

You won’t find a better view of the Barranca de San Cristóbal than the one at Hacienda Lomajim Hotel Boutique & Spa. 50 minutes outside of Guadalajara, this stunning, well-kept hotel is the perfect destination if you’re looking to unwind and relax, given that they have an excellent onsite spa. Mixing the modern comforts while maintaining the magic of the original 17th-century structure is no mean feat, but Hacienda Lomajim pulls it off fantastically. Choose from any of their 17 bedrooms which are carefully decorated with a fusion of traditional and contemporary Mexican art which mirrors the marrying of cultures the hacienda as a whole embodies.

Price: Upscale

Watch out for: Gorgeous views of the barranca and exquisite design touches

Address & telephone number: Carretera a Colotlán Km. 20.2, Zapopan, Mexico, +52 33 3441 4825

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Clarum 101 Boutique Hotel

Modern and sophisticated, Clarum 101 is not the typical rustic boutique hotel you so often find. Instead it features sharp design touches, quality products, and all for an exceptionally reasonable price. Easily the best option for travelers who don’t want to slum it with backpackers in the more overtly budget locations. Plus, there are only six rooms so the peacefulness of the place is practically a given. The rooms are minimal, but look swanky and incredibly cool at the same time; chic would be the appropriate word to describe the décor at Clarum 101. Furthermore, it is situated in a lovely, safe neighborhood meaning you can feel confident in coming and going at any hour.

Price: Budget to mid-range

Watch out for: Chic décor and welcoming staff

Address & telephone number: Parque Juan Diego 101, Guadalajara, Mexico, +52 33 1201 7507

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Hotel Celta

A low budget option for travelers wanting to be right in the heart of Zapopan, Hotel Celta is great for business travelers and backpackers searching for somewhere central, clean, and reliable to rest their weary heads. Located just a few blocks from Zapopan Expo and the church, as well as several convenience stores, it is a sound choice with comfy beds and courteous staff to boot. The breakfast buffet is excellent, which is music to the ears of anyone on a budget and looking to fill up before their day exploring the city.

Price: Budget

Watch out for: Great breakfast buffet

Address & telephone number: Avenida Mariano Otero 1570, Guadalajara, Mexico, +52 33 3880 0222

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Hotel Villa Primavera

If you want to get back to nature and enjoy a unique experience during your stay in Zapopan, Hotel Villa Primavera is the perfect place to visit. Somewhat of an institution, this is a popular spot for locals and families and is great for a long weekend. Disconnect and enjoy the tranquility that being in Bosque de la Primavera (Spring Forest) allows you, as you set up home in one of their cabañas – situated on 30 hectares of land – for a few nights. If this back to nature attitude is too much for you however, rest easy in the knowledge that Guadalajara is only 20 minutes away.

Price: Budget to mid-range

Watch out for: Tranquil, relaxing location

Address & telephone number: Carretera Libre a Nogales Km. 24, Zapopan, Mexico, +52 33 3151 4003

by Lauren Cocking