The Best Gay Bars to Visit in Mexico City

Mexico City | © Vincent St. Thomas/Shutterstock
Mexico City | © Vincent St. Thomas/Shutterstock
Photo of Paula Zamorano Osorio
21 February 2017

The LGBTQ community of Mexico City is mostly concentrated in the trendy neighborhood Zona Rosa – the Pink Zone, however, it does extend out into La Condesa and Roma, and throughout the rest of the city. Since it is such a large community, there are many gay bars, but choosing the right one to go to can be difficult – our list of the city’s top gay bars will help you decide.

El Viena

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Gold Mexican Tequila
Gold Mexican Tequila | © 5PH/Shutterstock
El Viena is the perfect bar for those who simply want to have a relaxing evening and enjoy a drink. It serves a large selection of beers as well as tequila, Mexico’s national liqueur, all of which are very affordable. Further into the bar you will find a dance floor, lit up by neon lights, inviting customers to dance under a classic disco ball. However, this bar opens and closes early, so is more suited to those who enjoy an entertaining evening rather than a crazy night on the town.

Tom's Leather Bar

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Tom’s Leather is a gothic-inspired bar, although its initial dark appearance does nothing to diminish its fun vibe. Mostly attracting gay men, you will find people with all sorts of backgrounds, whether they are businessmen just popping in from work with friends or hipsters planning to meet people and stay out all night. However, it is the music which is always a surprise at Tom’s, at any moment swapping from the most modern tunes to the fantastic opera of María Callas and then on to Broadway tunes.

Kinky Bar

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Kinky Bar is a one of Mexico City’s large upscale bars, located in the Zona Rosa, the heart of the LGBTQ community. With three floors offering different forms of entertainment, it is hard not to have fun at this club. The first floor offers ‘La Chipocluda Neo-Cantina’ where you can grab a bite to eat, the second is the karaoke floor – ‘La Carpita Karaoke’, and located on the third floor is their ‘Gran Terraza’ – a terrace which looks out on to the Paseo de la Reforma. Thursday nights are reserved for ladies only – no men allowed!

Marrakech Salon

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Tiki cocktails
Tiki cocktails | © Stefan Giesbert
Marrakech Salon is a popular bar among the local gay and lesbian community. It is an excellent venue for those who love to dance, where pop tunes and the classic cumbia (Colombian dance music) rule the night, with a Latin American twist. With cheap drinks served by bare-chested men and no cover charge, this bar is a great choice where money and entertainment are concerned. There is a relaxed and happy atmosphere at this bar, and this ensures a fun night out.


Lollipop is a club full of fun, where all types of people gather. This club offers a lower floor, which goes by the name of ‘El Burdelito’. This is where the karaoke happens. The club is very popular and fills up quickly, so starting the night early is often a good idea. Above ‘El Burdelito’, the DJ blasts electronic dance music, remixing the latest popular songs. Past midnight is when you’ll see the real show – drag queens and strippers perform glittering sets under the strobe lights of the club.

Address & telephone number: Lollipop, Calle Amberes 14 Zona Rosa, col. Juárez, Mexico City, Mexico,+52 55 5207 5591

La Purísima

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Located opposite the Marrakech bar is La Purísima – very similar to the club mentioned above, except larger and featuring a distinct disco theme. Muscly strippers are a highlight at La Purísima, where the decor is also a hit. It has large, dark rooms with mirrors on every wall, chandeliers and even sculptures of rather pornographic angels. The music here ranges from pop to rap. Even though it is officially a gay bar, the club is open to anyone reagardless of their sexual orientation.


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Mexico City
Mexico City | ©Pixabay
On the third floor above an antique store of La Plaza del Angel is the gay nightclub Híbrido. It’s location is particularly popular with young people and students, who enjoy dancing along to the latest techno-pop. However, since there are multiple bars and lounge areas spread over two floors, and even a balcony on the third floor, there are less intense corners of the venue when you can sit and enjoy your drink. Híbrido, however, is famous for its ‘Elektrosundays’ – parties which continue until Monday morning, when the party animals either leave for work or wander off to find an after party.