The Best Italian Restaurants In Oaxaca, Mexico

The Best Italian Restaurants In Oaxaca, Mexico
Oaxaca City is the ridiculously cultural and picturesque capital city located in the beautiful, but poor, southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. However, if you fancy the Italian experience while you’re holidaying in this increasingly popular city there are some great options. You can even try out the Oaxacan twist on pizza with a tasty tlayuda. Read on for the top Italian restaurants in Oaxaca City.
Oaxacan street © Xavier Donat/Flickr


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Jardin Conzatti
Jardin Conzatti | © Andrew/Flickr
Mexita is one Oaxaca restaurant regularly ranked highly on must-visit lists, regardless of whether they are dealing with specifically Italian food or not. The chef is originally from Naples, which as everyone can agree is the home of the most authentic and delicious pizzas, so you can expect great things at Mexita. We recommend sitting in the small garden area and admiring the avocado tree as you enjoy your incredibly fresh seafood pastas or the creamy tiramisu. We recommend trying the porcini mushrooms when in season or the fresh lobster.
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Café Bistrot Epicuro

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Colourful tlayudas
Colourful tlayudas | © Aida Mollenkamp/Flickr
Another excellent Italian option in the heart of Oaxaca state is Café Bistrot Epicuro. This small yet comfortable restaurant is a great location for a spot of lunch or a more intimate dinner with friends. It’s also well situated, just off the Zocalo. We recommend trying the aubergine starter and the exquisite pesto. For lasagna lovers, this is just as much the place to be. They also source food from local sustainability projects, meaning your money is going back to the region, which is one of Mexico’s poorest.
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I Love Tlayudas

An article about the best pizza in Oaxaca wouldn’t be complete without the mention of tlayudas, otherwise known as the Oaxacan pizza, and Mexico’s answer to Italy’s culinary sensation. I Love Tlayudas has three branches across Oaxaca City and offers up thin and crispy tortillas, typically topped with frijoles (beans), avocado, tomatoes, meat of your choosing, and the best of all the cheeses, Oaxaca cheese (a stringy cheese similar to mozzarella). Load this Oaxacan treat with all the salsas you fancy and a healthy squeeze of lime before devouring.
Address & telephone number: Rayón 619, Oaxaca, Mexico, +52 951 516 8760

Trattoría y Pizzería Ciao Italia

Located opposite the pretty Jardin Conzatti in Oaxaca’s stunning historic center, Trattoría y Pizzería Ciao Italia is a decent place to head to if you’re looking for simple, reliable Italian food. Check out the crispy, thin crust pizzas and the house special raspberry vinaigrette with the salad. If you’re lucky, you might catch this place on a day when they have live music, but even if you don’t the welcoming staff remain a constant. For those searching for a dinner that isn’t Mexican, this is an affordable alternative to all the tacos.
Address & telephone number: Gomez Farias 212, Oaxaca, Mexico, +52 951 502 6486

El Sagrario

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One for the late-night party goers, who all know that pizza is the ultimate food after a drink, El Sagrario is a restaurant and bar that often shows international football matches in case you were missing your fix of sport. It is divided up accordingly, with the sleek restaurant occupying the top floor, and the pizzería area taking up residence on the ground floor. Choose from a wide range of toppings to adorn your thin crust pizza and enjoy the live music El Sagrario hosts on a nightly basis.
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