The 10 Coolest Neighbourhoods in Mexico City

Mexico City| ©Pixabay
Mexico City| ©Pixabay
If you’re looking for cool neighbourhoods to explore on your next visit to Mexico City, you’re in luck. The Mexican capital has what is often considered to be one of the world’s coolest barrios, such as Roma and some more underrated but equally artsy zones like San Rafael. Head south and you’ll find Copilco and Tlalpan, which are practically unvisited by the casual tourist. There are plenty more too, and here are 10 of the coolest neighbourhoods that visitors should consider checking out.


Known for being the classier older brother of neighbouring Roma, Condesa plays host to the iconic Parque México and a ton of Art Deco masterpieces. It also has some of the city’s best nightlife.

Condesa, Ciudad de México, México

Restaurant, Condesa | © Alejandro/Flickr

Condesa offers plenty of places to eat | © Alejandro/Flickr

Posters, Condesa | © E. Krall/Flickr

It’s certainly a colourful place | © E. Krall/Flickr

Beautiful tiles, Condesa | © E. Krall/Flickr

Take time to appreciate the architecture | © E. Krall/Flickr

Leafy street, Condesa | © Mark Hogan/Flickr

Walk the leafy streets of Condesa | © Mark Hogan/Flickr

Parque México, Condesa | © katiebordner/Flickr

Check out the iconic Parque México | © katiebordner/Flickr


The hipster little brother to Condesa, Roma is regularly hailed as Mexico City’s coolest neighbourhood bar none. Of course, that very much depends on your definition of cool, but Roma is certainly teeming with nightlife, contemporary art galleries and plenty of quirky cafes.

Roma, Ciudad de México, México

Shoe shine stand, Roma | © Rodrigo Huerta/Flickr

In Roma, you can employ the services of a traditional shoeshine | © Rodrigo Huerta/Flickr

Roma Sur | © Matthew Rutledge/Flickr

Roma Sur is a particularly cool place to go to | © Matthew Rutledge/Flickr

Bazar Sábado, Roma | © Alejandro de la Cruz/Flickr

Maybe pick up some curios at Bazar Sábado? | © Alejandro de la Cruz/Flickr

Cine Tonalá, Roma | © Antonio MaloMalverde/Flickr

You can catch a movie at Cine Tonalá | © Antonio MaloMalverde/Flickr

Mercado Medellín, Roma | © E. Krall/Flickr

Head to the Mercado Medellín if you’re in a shopping mood | © E. Krall/Flickr

Zona Rosa

Often known as the gay-friendly hub of Mexico City, there are plenty of sights and sounds to explore in the Zona Rosa, whether you want to shop for sex toys or just have a quiet lunch at one of the capital’s best bakeries.

Zona Rosa, Ciudad de México, México

Sculpture, Zona Rosa | © Adam Jones/Flickr

Zona Rosa is certainly a liberated place | © Adam Jones/Flickr

Grey street, Zona Rosa | © Paulo César Léon Palacio/Flickr

There’s no shortage of beautiful buildings to see | © Paulo César Léon Palacio/Flickr

Storefront, Zona Rosa | © E. Krall/FLickr

Zona Rosa is known for being gay-friendly | © E. Krall/Flickr

Street scene, Zona Rosa | © E. Krall/Flickr

A typical street scene in Zona Rosa | © E. Krall/Flickr


The most famous southern neighbourhood in Mexico City, Coyoacán is legendary for being the birthplace of Frida Kahlo and playing host to her wildly popular museum. Here, you can also enjoy a familial vibe in the central square and taste test some iconic coffee.

Coyoacán, Ciudad de México, México

Mural, Coyoacán | © Carlos Adampol Galindo/Flickr

A stunning mural in Coyoacán | © Carlos Adampol Galindo/Flickr

Bench, Coyoacán | © Fido/Flickr

Even the park benches in Coyoacán are cool | © Fido/Flickr

Vibrant houses, Coyoacán | © megananne/Flickr

Many houses in Coyoacán are painted in vibrant colours | © megananne/Flickr

Squirrel, Coyoacán | © Carolina Lopez/Flickr

You’d be nuts not to pay a visit | © Carolina Lopez/Flickr

Fuente de los Coyotes, Coyoacán | © Christian Córdova/Flickr

The Fuente de los Coyotes is a glorious sight to behold | © Christian Córdova/Flickr


Coffee lovers ought to head to the quirky neighbourhood of Copilco, as it’s overflowing with excellent cafes. The Corredor de Copilco is the ideal spot to grab lunch with a friend and have a chat over some bargain-priced hotdogs or top-notch comida corrida.

Copilco, Ciudad de México, México

Metro graffiti, Copilco | © LK/Flickr

A sample of the graffiti in Copilco | © LK/Flickr

Multicultural, Copilco | © SanGatiche/Flickr

It’s not just Mexicans you’ll find in Copilco | © SanGatiche/Flickr


A quiet neighbourhood, Narvarte is very much on the rise and can be expected to have its moment within the next few years. Get there now before it turns into a mini-Roma, and try out some of the zone’s famous tacos.

Narvarte, Ciudad de México, México

Apartments, Narvarte | © ismael villafranco/Flickr

Narvarte is very much on the rise | © ismael villafranco/Flickr

Upside down, Narvarte | © ismael villafranco/Flickr

Make sure you know where you’re going | © ismael villafranco/Flickr

Day of the Dead, Narvarte | © Lws & Clrk/Flickr

Celebrate the Day of the Dead in Narvarte | © Lws & Clrk/Flickr

Street food, Narvarte | © Adam Jones/Flickr

If you’re peckish, then consider trying the local street food | © Adam Jones/Flickr

Abandonded noticeboard, Narvarte | © cedarblue/Flickr

There’s plenty of rustic charm in Narvarte | © cedarblue/Flickr


Bordering the Zona Rosa, Juárez is often overlooked. However, it has some exquisite architecture and a laid back vibe, as well as some great bars, restaurants and nightlife.

Juárez, Ciudad de México, México

Tacos al Pastor, Juárez | © Paul Sableman/Flickr

Fancy a taco or two? | © Paul Sableman/Flickr

Upscale dining, Juárez | © Paul Sableman/Flickr

Juárez also offers some more upmarket dining experiences | © Paul Sableman/Flickr

Street selling, Juárez | © Paul Sableman/Flickr

As with most cities, you’ll encounter some street sellers | © Paul Sableman/Flickr

Nighttime, Juárez | © Paul Sableman/Flickr

As night draws in, you can head back to your hotel and sleep off the day’s excitement | © Paul Sableman/Flickr

Street, Juárez | © Francisco Anzola/Flickr

There are plenty of shops in this area | © Francisco Anzola/Flickr

San Rafael

Close to the city centre, but without as much movement and upheaval, San Rafael is another destination often overlooked by visitors. It’s known as the artsy zone on the rise in the Mexican capital, due to its more affordable (read: not Roma) prices.

San Rafael, Ciudad de México, México

Vibrant sign, San Rafael | © Matthew Rutledge/Flickr

San Rafael is known for being artsy | © Matthew Rutledge/Flickr

Park, San Rafael | © Matthew Rutledge/Flickr

Take a break and relax in the park | © Matthew Rutledge/Flickr

Abandoned entrance, San Rafael | © Matthew Rutledge/Flickr

You’ll find plenty of photo opportunities in San Rafael | © Matthew Rutledge/Flickr

Cine Opera, San Rafael | © Matthew Rutledge/Flickr

This place has seen better days, but it still has a certain beauty about it | © Matthew Rutledge/Flickr

San Miguel Chapultepec

Part of the gorgeous Chapultepec park is located within San Miguel Chapultepec, and it’s sandwiched between two of the city’s principal avenues. Definitely an underdog on the ‘cool neighbourhood’ scene, it’s worth giving San Miguel Chapultepec a chance.

San Miguel Chapultepec, Ciudad de México, México

Kurimanzatto gallery, San Miguel Chapultepec | © vladimix/Flickr

Head to the Kurimanzatto gallery for some culture | © vladimix/Flickr

La Casa de los Perros, San Miguel Chapultepec | © vladimix/Flickr

San Miguel Chapultepec is worth giving a chance | © vladimix/Flickr

Street corner, San Miguel Chapultepec | © vladimix/Flickr

A street corner in San Miguel Chapultepec | © vladimix/Flickr

Street, San Miguel Chapultepec | © Matthew Rutledge/Flickr

If you’re tired of walking, maybe hop in a taxi and head to the next neighbourhood | © Matthew Rutledge/Flickr


Just as beautiful as Coyoacán but far more underrated, Tlalpan is more residential than many of the aforementioned neighbourhoods, but it has a reputation for hosting some great food festivals and for having an enticing central square.

Tlalpan, Ciudad de México, México

Streets, Tlalpan | © Razi Machay/Flickr

Tlalpan is underrated, compared to other neighbourhoods | © Razi Machay/Flickr

Storefronts, Tlalpan | © Enrique Vázquez/Flickr

There’s some stunning brickwork on display | © Enrique Vázquez/Flickr

Pinata, Tlalpan | © José Lira/Flickr

A pinata, made in Tlalpan | © José Lira/Flickr

Courtyard, Tlalpan | © Enrique Vázquez/Flickr

A serene spot, with a simple beauty that’s hard to resist | © Enrique Vázquez/Flickr