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Morning, Mexico City | © N O/Flickr
Morning, Mexico City | © N O/Flickr
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The 10 Best Womenswear Shops In Mexico City

Picture of Lauren Cocking
Northern England Writer
Updated: 1 September 2016
Don’t be deterred by the hustle and bustle of Mexico City’s principal shopping avenues and malls; while this capital city may not be known as a major fashion hub, it still plays host to some amazing womenswear stores. With Mexican designers on the rise and a growing number of international brands flocking to the country, here are the 10 best stores to get your female fashion fix in Mexico City.
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Carmen Rión

As a well-known Mexican fashion designer, Carmen Rión has her own eponymously named boutique in Hipódromo Condesa, Mexico City. Her womenswear takes influence from indigenous communities and designs, working with the artisans (particularly those from Chiapas) before mapping the vibrant patterns onto fresh silhouettes. If you’re a fan of Mexican fashion but would prefer a more modernized (but still ethical) version, this is the store to visit.

Carmen Rión, A, Av México 135, Hipódromo Condesa, Hipódromo, Ciudad de México, Mexico +52 55 5564 1666

Naked Boutique

Situated in the trendy Colonia Roma Norte is the exquisite Naked Boutique. Founded in 2007 by Deya Tarno, Naked Boutique is famed for its championing of Mexican designed womenswear and brands. You can pick up their range from the sculptural CIHUAH to the contemporary, muted Sandra Weil (both of whom made our list of Mexican fashion brands to watch out for). While this is a more upscale option for womenswear in Mexico City, it does offer personal shopping services so you know you’re getting the best style for your shape.

Naked Boutique, Calle Córdoba 25, Cuauhtémoc, Roma Norte, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico +52 55 6378 9568

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An up-and-coming fashion brand and womenswear store, Yakampot is already spreading across some of the most exclusive areas of Mexico, and also has a U.S. location in Miami. Its luxury aesthetic and critically acclaimed pieces (they’ve been featured in Elle México and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop) are deceptively simple, yet beautifully detailed. For classy, neutral fashion and flowing designs, Yakampot is one of the bets womenswear options in the Mexican capital.

Yakampot, Calle Emilio Castelar 215, Polanco, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 6721 3324

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Bimba Y Lola

This Spanish brand has its biggest Mexican branch in Mexico City, found in the classy Antara Fashion Hall (which is actually one of the city’s best shopping centers). Youthful patterns and designs dominate its items, which become trends year after year. Bimba Y Lola draw their inspiration from nature, art and cinema, and also sell accessories, such as gorgeously detailed scarves and small leather items like coin purses.

Bimba Y Lola, Antara Fashion Hall, Avenida Ejército Nacional 843 , Local B102, Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 5282 1269

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Carla Fernández

One of Mexico’s most promising young designers, the womenswear collections of Carla Fernández are unmissable. Her Roma boutique is jam packed with her vibrant designs, which are often inspired by indigenous fashion and culture; in fact, she works in partnership with many communities to promote the use of traditional design practices. This seasons collection even features outfits inspired by the typical traje de charro attire of mariachis and charros. If you see things you like but can’t possibly fit in your suitcase, don’t worry because she also has an online store.

Carla Fernández, Álvaro Obregón 200, Colonia Roma, Ciudad de México, México +52 55 5264 2226

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Actually one of the preferred womenswear stores of the aforementioned Carla Fernández, Cañamiel is a relatively new boutique in the Santa Fe area of Mexico City and sells a variety items inspired by Latin America. As Fernández herself says, at Cañamiel you get the aesthetic of Brazil, the color of Mexico and the cut of Colombia. Mexican couture designer Sandra Weil has items sold here, as does Luciana Balderrama and Ethnology.

Cañamiel, Avenida Javier Barros Sierra 540, Colonia Santa Fe, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 5292 3869

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Sandra Weil

Sandra Weil is a big name on the Mexican fashion scene and offers fantastic couture womenswear and bridal attire. Her first boutique was opened in the upscale Polanco area of the city, and from there you can buy ready-to-wear and custom pieces. The exquisite silhouettes, quality and fit of her items are impressive, and the neutral color palettes she tends to work with enhance the impact of the occasional striking patterned detail.

Sandra Weil, Emilio Castelar #185, Miguel Hidalgo, Polanco, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 5280 7597

Sandra Weil | Courtesy of Sandra Weil

Sandra Weil | Courtesy of Sandra Weil

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Lemon Chic

Another Polanco womenswear store is the recently opened Lemon Chic. Originally hailing from Monterrey, this store prides itself on stocking niche and pieces that you won’t come by easily in Mexico City. For the woman who knows the brand she’s looking for, or even just wants to browse something a little different, Lemon Chic would be the best place to go. The spacious and modern store on Presidente Masaryk offers all manner of clothing, from dresses to everyday basics.

Lemon Chic, Presidente Masaryk 311, Polanco IV Secc, Ciudad de Mexico, México, +52 55 9155 5318

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Lorena Saravia

Another huge name in the Mexican fashion world is Lorena Saravia, a past winner of the Who’s On Next Vogue México award. With three branches in the biggest three cities of Mexico – Guadalajara, Monterrey and the capital – her Polanco branch is well worth a visit. Her designs are made for the modern woman: a working professional who still wants to indulge in fashionable, feminine clothing. With simple shapes and tones, her own brand of minimalism is expertly executed and deceptively delicate.

Lorena Saravia, Av. Presidente Masaryk, Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, Col. Polanco, Polanco IV Secc, Ciudad de México, México +52 55 6729 8837

Zii Ropa

Visits to this relatively new boutique and workshop are by appointment only. Owned by Vancouver native Bridget Tidey, Zii Ropa (which can also be bought online) is a womenswear brand and store located in swanky Condesa. Tidey uses natural fibers and minimalist shapes and silhouettes to create her sweeping, contemporary designs. Each piece is, as her website states, as comfortable and wearable as the last, and are hand tailored to ensure you get the perfect fit each time.

Arrange visits by appointment at Condesa, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 3990 0043

Mexico City | © Blok 70/Flickr
Mexico City | © Blok 70/Flickr