The 10 Best Restaurants In Polanco, Mexico City

The 10 Best Restaurants In Polanco, Mexico City
Polanco is a prestigious and bohemian neighborhood in Mexico’s capital. Known for its wealth and cultural diversity, Polanco offers a range of traditional restaurants alongside others with flavors from all over the world. Let’s check out some of the best.
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Yet another winner in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Biko earned a place at number 59 out of 100. What Biko has to offer certainly will not disappoint either: the chefs aim to serve the best of the Mexican tradition, infused with universal cooking techniques and international flavors. Simple but sophisticated dishes are offered with carefully thought out presentation, to allow customers to truly enjoy every part of their meal as a sensory experience. Respect for nature is important to the chefs at Biko too, who only use in-season ingredients to guarantee freshness.

Biko, Presidente Masaryk 407 Polanco, Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico, +52 55 5282 2064

Hacienda de Los Morales

Restaurant, Mexican, $$$
Mariachi Band
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Starting off as a small plantation of mulberries in the 1500s, this farmhouse come eatery was built a century later. In 1967 it was transformed into a marvellous restaurant, which has received numerous awards over the years, such as the Five Star Diamond Award in 2002. It is clear that Hacienda de los Morales has never lowered its high standards, offering classic Mexican dishes as well as more creative dishes with Spanish and Mediterranean influences. It is the colonial Mexican décor which creates the atmosphere in the restaurant. It is brought alive by performances either from a solo pianist, a string quartet or a more traditional Mariachi band.
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Restaurant, Diner, Bakery, Mexican, $$$
Jaso is a restaurant where, aside from the food, the setting makes the evening. Winner of the Zagat Mexico City Award for Service and Décor in 2013, Jaso boasts an architecturally exclusive setting, with a romantic but soft ambiance. The venue offers its own individual concept of modern North American cuisine, but still remembers the techniques of traditional gastronomy. You can enjoy Jaso at its best on the al fresco terrace. One of Jaso’s assets is its bakery, attached to the restaurant, which was opened after much demand for their outrageously tasty cakes and mouth-watering bread.
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Dulce Patria

Restaurant, Mexican
The restaurant Dulce Patria is almost self-explained in the name: Sweet Homeland. Chef Martha Ortiz Chapa endlessly creates modern dishes but is heavily influenced by regional cooking techniques and artisan craft. She uses artistic imagination alongside her culinary skill, creating unforgettable dishes, presented in the most creative ways. For example her alegrías (sweets served after dessert), come to the table in a wooden aeroplane. What’s more, the décor is 100% Mexico, with its bright colors and hand decorated furniture.
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La Fonda del Recuerdo

This friendly restaurant seeks to conserve true Veracruz-style traditions. La Fonda Del Recuerdo offers a menu of classic recipes from Veracruz, which has made Mexican cuisine famous across the globe. There is something for the whole family to enjoy at La Fonda Del Recuerdo – not only the delicious cooking, but also the live music of Veracruz, Mexico and Cuba, folkloric dancing, and even a childrens’ play area to keep the little ones entertained.

Veracruz Street Art © Jorge Diaz

Villa María

Restaurant, Bar, Mexican, $$$
At Villa María, a massive two-storey restaurant, you can enjoy traditional Mexican food without needing to leave the stylish cosmopolitan area of the town. From the recipes of Mexican casserole, or cazuela, to the well-known caterpillars and the famous fiercely hot dishes, there is an abundance of exciting flavors to explore and enjoy here. Villa María is also praised for its excellent service and its traditional décor. The bar, with its delectable cocktails and traditional live music, also attract locals and tourists alike.
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Bar, Restaurant, Seafood, $$$
Prime Rib
Prime Rib | © rpavich
Bros is a versatile restaurant and oyster bar, with a spectacular view of the impressive private art museum of the Soumaya. The casual atmosphere at Bros welcomes anyone who is looking for a bite to eat, and is especially good for Bostonian cuisine; its signature dish being their prime rib. An extensive drinks menu will certainly see that customers experience an explosion of flavors in each of their cocktails, prepared and served by friendly barmen who are generous with their drinks and mixers.
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Restaurant, Italian, European, Vegetarian
For a little taste of Italy, choose Romina, a welcoming and charming restaurant in the heart of Polanco. With a varied menu, customers here are able to explore authentic Italian cuisine and not simply pizza and pasta – although these are also prepared in the traditional method, giving each dish its own touch of magic and individuality. However, it is the mussels with beans which truly excel at this restaurant, inviting tasters to explore the flavors of the Italian coast and its more rustic enclaves.
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