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Bottles at a bar | © Edwin Land / Flickr
Bottles at a bar | © Edwin Land / Flickr
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The 10 Best Gay Bars in Zona Rosa

Picture of Lydia Carey
Updated: 14 September 2017
While the over-the-top wild gay nightlife of the 80s and 90s may be slowing down a bit in the Zona Rosa in favor of house parties and more intimate gatherings, you can still find a healthy selection of gay bars to visit on your next trip to CDMX. There’s something for everyone, and everyone is looking for something. Take a gander at our list and put on those dancing shoes.


Two floors of neon laser lights, dance music and crowds of singles all looking for the one, Almacen is one of the area’s most established bars and a favorite weekend hang out for the local crowd. Each floor has its own musical vibe, pop, electronic and other dance music slams through the speakers to your ears, making it impossible to not want to dance. Late in the evening, as bodies and the room heats up, you suddenly find strippers dancing above you on the bar, flashing their perfectly sculpted pecks and soccer-player thighs. Stay till the end of the night, only then will you get to feel the full brunt of the chaos of the Almacen.

Almacen, Florencia 37-A, Juarez, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 015552079424

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Nicho Bears & Bar

A bar for bears, Nicho is like an underground cave where two osos can cuddle up for the night and barely notice the time passing. Their Friday night karaoke sessions are legendary (imagine Paul Bunyan types singing Madonna covers) and their beers are cheap and plentiful. Nicho also hosts meet-up nights and 80s night on Saturdays, but this is strictly for boys, so ladies, don’t even think about trying to get in.

Nicho, Londres 182, Juárez, Mexico City, Mexico

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Boy Bar

A popular nighttime hangout for the Mexico City gay community, Boy Bar is three levels of masculine energy, each with their own musical concept and vibe to offer – electronica, pop, and karaoke. Strippers appear throughout the night, and according to the word on the street, get hotter as the night goes on. The crowd is young no girls are allowed. There’s a cover charge, and they’re strict about going in and out, so once you join in the fun, stick around till the night’s over to avoid being double charged.

Boy Bar, Calle Amberes 14, Juárez, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 013788856802

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A small cover fee gets you into this gay bar near the Angel de la Independencia on Mexico City’s Reforma Avenue. Friendly enough for both women and straight men as well as the gay crowd, Kinky is known as a fun spot to dance, admire, or just hang out and drink a few beers. The first floor is intended to recreate the ambiance of a traditional cantina, with walls covered in kitschy replicas of Mexican lottery cards, each a “type” in the gay community, for example el chichifo, a male escort. There’s a glassed-in karaoke bar, and tiny smoking patios here and there that look out over the city. The top terrace level has the most dancing, and various corners for getting into trouble in, or perhaps simply for singing classic pop tunes into the top of your beer bottle.

Kinky, Calle Amberes 1, Juarez, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 015555144920

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La Botica

La Botica has taken advantage of its popularity as a mezcal bar chain across the city to open a lesbian and gay version of their classic locales in Mexico City’s Zona Rosa. The space is tight, and like many of their other locations, is usually packed to the gills. They close earlier than most other bars on this street, so La Botica is the perfect place for those first few mezcal cocktails. Just like other La Botica locations, you can choose from dozens of Mexican mezcals, a handful of half beers to wash them down with, and light snacks so you don’t get too drunk too fast.

La Botica, Amberes 1, Zona Rosa, Juarez, Mexico City, Mexico

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Cabaretito Fusión

Made for the young crowd, Caberetito Fusion is not a place for a relaxed cocktail with friends. Wild and fun, Cabaretetito is part of a group of bars in the area and has different events on different nights of the weekend, for example their well-known cabaret. Just like several of the bars above, Cabaretito has several different areas with different musical vibes, and Thursday night is lesbian night with a go-go dancing show. The bar is hetero-friendly as well, so bring all your friends and enjoy the show!

Caberetito Fusion, Londres 77, Zona Rosa, Juárez, Mexico City, Mexico

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Drama by 42

Drama by 42, previously the 42nd Street Cafe, has a new look: the look of construction. The rough-around-the-edges interior design doesn’t really matter to the young, hip crowd that it attracts, and it’s still a great place to start out your night in the Zona Rosa. This bar has no cover, and the beers are sold by the liter. Each night in Drrama by 42 is a little different – karaoke, drag shows, stand-up comedy – but every night is boys’ night.

Drrama by 42, Calle Amberes 4, Juarez, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 015552080352

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Botas Bar

Botas Bar has table-dancing shows for both men and women (in different sections of the bar) but with an ambiance of voyeuristic watching, rather than a full-on fiesta of screams and dollars floating through the air. From Thursday through the weekend this bar is packed with all types – gay, straight, singles, couples – all here for the show and ready for cotton-candy dreams of sculpted strippers for the rest of the week. Despite the undulating nudity, the place has a mellow vibe.

Botas bar, Calle Niza 45, Juárez, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 015574703685