The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Todos Santos

Raspberry pancakes |© Hedvigs/Flickr
Raspberry pancakes |© Hedvigs/Flickr
Photo of Shay Lee
31 October 2016

Todos Santos is one of the most popular cities in Mexico. Locals and tourists can’t get enough of the hotels, mountains, beaches, and restaurants. Speaking of restaurants, the city has many which serves amazing breakfast options: here’s our guide to some of the best.

Baja Sur | © Ana Rodríguez Carrington/Flickr

Shut Up Frank’s

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Raspberry pancakes
Raspberry pancakes | © Hedvigs/Flickr
Shut Up Frank’s is a sports bar and grill which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. This is the only restaurant in Todos Santos that shows internationally televised sporting events. Customers can dine, watch any channel, and have a great time at Shut Up Frank’s. Other than being a popular bar, the restaurant serves freshly prepared Mexican and American cuisine. Each ingredient used is fresh and the tortillas are home-made in the oven. Shut Up Frank’s burgers are USDA Certified Angus beef and the self-proclaimed ‘Best Burger in Baja!’ is also on the menu.

The Todos Santos Inn

Boutique Hotel, Hotel
During the 1870s, The Todos Santos Inn was a sugar baron’s estate. Since becoming a historic village inn, the hotel has evolved into something of a breakfast paradise. The antiques, beamed ceilings, and courtyard gardens evoke a bygone era, and although this is a hotel, visitors who aren’t staying at the inn can experience its amazing delights too. Each morning, the Todos Santos Inn serves a continental breakfast for guests and travelers. The breakfast is absolutely delicious, complete with all the pancakes you can handle.

Cafe Santa Fe

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Cafe Santa Fe
Cafe Santa Fe | © Jeremy Dyck / flickr
Cafe Santa Fe is Todos Santos’ famous Italian cafe. The daily menu consists of lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks. Although this isn’t a classic breakfast spot, it is a great place to catch lunch or brunch. Chef Ezio Colombo presents award-winning meals in a historic building. Most of the ingredients used in the meals are grown in the garden.

Landi’s Restaurant

At Landi’s Restaurant, the traditional flavors of Mexican food are always served, as well as the true ambiance of Mexican culture. When Chef Ortega prepares food, she illustrates the importance of family and bonding. Landi’s Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner three days a week. Visitors can stop by and taste delicious food, wine, and/or cocktail.
Address & telephone number: Landi’s Restaurant, Legaspy No. 15, Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico, +52 612 145 0130

Croissants | © Molly Elliott/Flickr

The Hotelito

Bed and Breakfast
The Hotelito is a bed and breakfast with four casitas, which are spacious enough for large families. These are separate houses, which consist of four bedrooms complete with expansive beds and extravagant furniture. The Hotelito’s goal is to provide guests with a home-away-from-home. Recently, a kitchen was added and serves coffee with croissants during fall, winter, and spring seasons, making it a nice spot for a peaceful morning meal.

Hotel Casa Tota

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Hotel Casa Tota, Todos Santos
Hotel Casa Tota, Todos Santos | Photo Courtesy La Esquina
Hotel Casa Tota is located in downtown Todos Santos and next to the Sea of Cortez. The hotel’s restaurant La Santena Restaurant is outstanding: enjoy Mexican food with a modern twist. The chef only uses the finest local and seasonal products, while for individuals who prefer not to eat meat, there are vegetarian options aplenty. La Santena Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily and patrons can dine inside or outside on the patio if they wish to view the city.

La Esquina

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Cafe La Esquina
Cafe La Esquina | © Cafe la Esquina

La Esquina’s philosophy is that good things come to those who take the time to go away from the usual hotspots. The restaurant offers healthy food choices like sandwiches, salads, soups, smoothies, and juices. The fruits and vegetables are local and organically grown behind La Esquina, ensuring customers are receiving fresh, quality ingredients.

La Coronela Restaurant and Bar

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La Coronela Restaurant and Bar |© Kirt Edblom/Flickr
La Coronela Restaurant and Bar | © Kirt Edblom/Flickr
La Coronela Restaurant and Bar rests inside the Hotel California. Due to the hotel’s historic feel, the restaurant has been remodelled and preserved. Chefs Dany Lamote and Lucia Romero create culinary delights which fuse fresh local and international ingredients with Mexican influences. La Coronela Restaurant and Bar presents a versatile breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu.

Villa Santa Cruz

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Villa Santa Cruz

Villa Santa Cruz is a hotel that offers an incredible breakfast to its patrons, which is conveniently included with the price of their room. The eatery is the picture of luxury. There is a view of the beaches and mountains from the dining room window and gas lamps, mosaic floors, and retractable sunlight spots are the highlights of the location. Before Villa Santa Cruz became a boutique hotel, it was a ranch which produced various crops: the sweet potatoes, papaya here are all very fresh.
Address & telephone number: Villa Santa Cruz, Camino a las Playitas, La Pastora, Todos Santos, BCS, +52 612 143 9230

Flora del Mar

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Flora del Mar is an elegant oasis set by the Pacific Ocean. Diners can sit by the pool and enjoy a casual breakfast, while the bar is an ideal location for individuals to relax. Most guests prefer to dine in the second floor studio apartment, which has a complete kitchen, private deck, and views of the orchard and ocean. The complete kitchen is great for lodgers who are traveling with their family.