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The 10 Best Bars In Zapopan, Mexico
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The 10 Best Bars In Zapopan, Mexico

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The residential, upmarket city of Zapopan near Guadalajara, Mexico boasts beautiful historic buildings and has awesome bars. Read on for The Culture Trip’s guide to the top 10 watering holes here.
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La Boquita

An excellent bar and dining option is La Boquita. Either stop by this quaint cafe/restaurant during the day and enjoy a succulent burger, or come by in the evening when the vibe begins to change and La Boquita becomes more of a Bar-quita. If it’s your birthday, Wednesdays are a must-visit day as they will give you a bottle at a reduced price, a deal which really can’t be turned down. Alternatively, check out an updated version of the classic cazuela de tequila. Book in advance to skip the queues.

Avenida Real Acueducto 360, Zapopan, Mexico, +52 33 1811 5005

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If an indie vibe is what you’re looking for, as well as a place that offers both pizzas and beers, then the vintage style CaféCandela is for you. Popular with a youthful crowd, this restaurant-bar is a great option for laidback drinks with friends before heading off to one of the other great bar or club options in Zapopan. Come prepared for cold beers and potentially even live jazz music at this relaxed restaurant with outdoor, terrace seating options.

Calle Javier Mina 183, Zapopan, Mexico, +52 33 3833 4344

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Aloha Sur

Aloha Sur is an “after-school,” meaning it gets going early and finishes in time for the train home. With a sand covered floor and a palapa-style thatched roof, this place allows you to relive your last beach holiday in no time. This affordable spot also plays predominantly Spanish language music. This bar straddles the Guadalajara/Zapopan border, but we think it’s worth making the journey out to Periférico Sur to enjoy the convivial atmosphere, affordable litro cocktails and maybe even some beer pong.

Periférico Sur 75, Zapopan, Mexico, +52 33 3694 2799

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Mala Noche No

Women drink for free on Sundays at this Zapopan bar. Mala Noche No offers exactly the opposite of a bad night, instead playing host to a great atmosphere and awesome music. This classy institution will also give a decorated table, cake, and bottle on Saturdays to anyone celebrating their birthday in that month, making it the perfect option if you’ve got some real celebrating to do. The nice touch of the red carpeted stairway to enter will make you feel even fancier.

Avenida Patria, Zapopan, Mexico, +52 33 3630 1720

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Torino Pizza Bar

Torino Pizza Bar offers, rather unsurprisingly, pizza and drinks. The rather straightforward name shouldn’t lead you to believe that this is a straightforward place. Their stone-baked pizzas are excellent and go exceedingly well with the 2×1 national beers promo on Thursdays. Stop by this small but welcoming spot for a casual drink and chat with friends. We recommend sitting in the outdoor patio area, and maybe even giving one of their cocktails a go, especially if they’re running a half-price promo on them at the time.

Avenida Guadalupe 4359, Zapopan, Mexico, +52 33 1589 2050

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Bostons Whiskey Bar

Drop by Bostons Whiskey Bar for some live ’80s and ’90s rock music and excellent drinks promos, especially for those celebrating their birthdays. This place is decorated like your typical Irish bar. You will almost certainly find yourself uncontrollably shout-singing to Kiss and Queen songs by the end of the evening. Grab a group of friends and hit up Bostons for a fun-filled night, in a spacious and reasonably priced Zapopan favorite.

Tepeyac 5000, Zapopan, Mexico, +52 33 3125 0479

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La Malta Bar

Beer lovers should consider visiting La Malta Bar on their next visit to Zapopan, given that they have a selection of more than 120 beers from all over the world. If you’re tiring of Corona, this bar would make a fantastic alternative. Equally, if you’re planning a big night out, stop by La Malta beforehand and enjoy some wings or perhaps even a michelada (spicy, tomatoey beer). Sports lovers will want to keep this place in mind too, as they often show Mexican matches live.

Avenida Patria 240-4, Zapopan, Mexico, +52 33 3682 9234

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We must admit that the recently opened Loló is more restaurant than bar. However they offer such an excellent selection of refreshing, delicious cocktails and craft beers that we felt obliged to include them on a list of Zapopan bars. This fresh, modern spot is spacious and airy with lots of cute and quirky design touches, such as green bottle chandeliers. It also goes without saying that dining here is highly recommended too. As for drinks, check out the El Venado (mezcal, pineapple juice, pink almond horchata, and peach liquor).

Boulevard Puerta de Hierro 4955, Zapopan, Mexico, +52 33 2001 6362

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La Real Licorería

La Real Licorería is an excellent option for those who like to dress up and enjoy a drink in a friendly, youthful environment. Not the ideal place to begin the evening, given that it only opens at 10pm, but a great spot to end your night. They also host regular themed nights, such as Pink Night when 10 pesos is donated to breast cancer charities for every item of pink clothing worn. Women might want to try La Real Licorería on a Thursday, as they can take advantage of the open bar on offer.

Avenida Real Acueducto 360, Zapopan, Mexico, +52 33 1430 0689

Zapopan evenings © Emerson Posadas/Flickr
Zapopan evenings | © Emerson Posadas/Flickr
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Bossé falls under the club category, and is one where you should be sure to dress to impress and be ready to party all night. Expect to find a selection of well-off Mexicans populating the place and ordering bottles to their tables. We recommend you do the same and take advantage of the excellent service. If you want a laidback evening, Bossé with its loud DJ music is not for you. Falling right on the Zapopan/Guadalajara boundary, this is a great option for those searching for a club vibe.

Avenida Patria 1600, Zapopan/Guadalajara, Mexico, +52 33 1432 5801