Slimmed-Down Version of Instagram Released for Data-Strapped Travellers

Instagram Lite
Instagram Lite | © Google Play Store
Facebook has launched Instagram Lite, a version of the app that uses less data, takes up less space and starts faster.

Instagram Lite is now available for Android in the Google Play App Store.

The stripped-back version of the social media app is only 573 kilobytes, which means at 1/55th of the size of the 32-megabyte standard Instagram app, it takes up less space, starts faster and won’t eat into your data allowance.

The lite service allows users to filter and post photos to the feed or stories, watch stories and browse the explore page. Unlike the full app, users cannot share videos or direct message.

The release follows Facebook Lite in 2015, Facebook Messenger Lite in April 2018 and Uber Lite in May 2018.

Instagram Lite screenshot © Google Play Store

As tech giants look to expand their presence in global markets, lite apps address common issues facing mobile users in nascent technology markets, including older phones with less storage space, slower network connections or data packages that remain unaffordable to many.

Lite versions may also come in handy for travellers who are on limited data packages while abroad or looking to save space on their phones for holiday snaps.

Instagram Lite began testing in Mexico and will reportedly expand to more countries and get messaging and video posting capabilities later this year.