Mexico City Museum Makes A Caricature Out Of Trump

Donald Trump | © DonkeyHotey/Flickr
Donald Trump | © DonkeyHotey/Flickr
Donald Trump finally has his much longed for wall in Mexico, albeit not quite in the way he imagined. One Mexico City museum has taken heed of the old adage ‘actions speak louder than words’ in its response to Donald Trump’s consistently derogatory statements about Mexico and its people in recent months – and let’s just say the results are about as pleasant as the Republican candidate’s racist and misogynistic attitudes.

At the Museo de la Caricatura, situated in the Mexico City’s historic centre, you can currently check out some interesting artistic interpretations of the US presidential candidate. For a mere MXN$20 entry fee, enjoy Trump cast as Adolf Hitler, a member of the KKK, a dictator in the centre of a Russian doll alongside Mussolini and Kim Jong Un, and even the Grim Reaper. In many of the images, his signature coiffure plays as large a part as it does in real life, except this time its superimposed next to swastikas and American flags, rather than on campaign posters or beneath seemingly ever more controversial headlines.

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Given some of the quite frankly inflammatory statements Trump has made in recent months, particularly regarding the supposed character of the Mexican people, illegal immigration, and (lest we forget) his widely mocked ‘bad hombres’ comment in the final presidential debate, it’s no surprise that all the images on display at the Museo de la Caricatura are less than flattering.

Business is booming though, with USAToday reporting that visitors to the exhibition remarked just how much they despised the Republican candidate who ‘has been very violent in the dialogue of the Mexican people’. Having said that, the visitors and some of the featured cartoonists also reiterated that while they do consider Trump ‘a kind of clown’, its predominantly his racist sentiments (rather than the man himself) that lead them to liken him to figures such as Hitler and Mussolini.

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The exhibition of over 100 images is set to be on display until November 8th, although there’s apparently a fair chance that it will stay open for longer given the popularity it’s so far been enjoying. All in all, it remains quite clear that Mexican people really, really aren’t fans of Trump.

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