Guadalajara's Top 10 Restaurants, Dining In Mexico

Guadalajara's Top 10 Restaurants, Dining In Mexico
One of the largest cities in Latin America, charming Guadalajara is a definite must while visiting Mexico. With a history that goes back to the 16th century, this contemporary cultural hub is also a great culinary destination where visitors enjoy a true culinary fiesta. Read our guide to 10 of the best restaurants in Guadalajara to make the most of the city’s foodie scene.


Restaurant, Fusion, Dessert, $$$

The perfect place for those looking to enjoy an international fusion menu, Aderezzo is an elegant restaurant where guests can enjoy live music in a relaxing atmosphere. Offering good value for money, the restaurant is well-known locally for its diverse menu that delivers an excellent mix of local and international recipes. From starters such as salmon carpaccio or tuna tacos to shrimp or Aztec soup, beef lasagne and numerous fish specialties, the menu is a global culinary treat. Add its specially designed kids’ menu and whisky parfait for dessert into the mix, and Aderezzo is clearly a top choice for eating out in Guadalajara.

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Entre 2
Restaurant, French$$
Roast Beef

Roast Beef | © Knkcat/Flickr

Entre 2 is a must for French cuisine enthusiasts and those who like to share. This is the restaurant’s guiding philosophy reflected in its name, which refers to the joy of sharing the dishes from the menu with those you love. Created by a couple of Franco-Mexican friends, Entre 2 serves the best from both gastronomic traditions with dishes such as shrimps a la Provençale or chocolate fondue, well-matched with French, Mexican, Italian, Chilean and Spanish wines.

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Karne Garibaldi

With a suggestive name for its main menu ingredient, Karne Garibaldi is no doubt the ideal place for meat lovers or for those in a hurry, as this is the world’s fastest restaurant. With only one main course available, carne en jugo, with bacon, onion and coriander, served in a record time of 13.5 seconds, Karne Garibaldi offers one of the most unusual culinary experiences in Guadalajara. Besides this fast-cooked main, the menu also offers traditional Mexican desserts such as jericalla and guayaba mousse.

Karne Garibaldi, Garibaldi 1306, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, +52 33 3826 1286


Karne Garibaldi
Courtesy Karne Garibaldi


La Chata de Guadalajara
Restaurant, Mexican, $$$
La Chata, Avenida Ramón Corona

La Chata, Avenida Ramón Corona | Courtesy La Chata

With a history that goes back for more than half a century, La Chata is intimately linked to Mexicans’ strong love for and appreciation of traditional food. Built around the image of Carmen Castoreña Vázquez, known as La Chata, the restaurant remains after more than 60 years, one of the most popular culinary venues in town. Guests can try a varied number of dishes from the traditional quesadillas with guacamole to enchiladas and Mexican flautas, meat-filled rolled corn tortillas.
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La Tequila
Restaurant, Mexican, $$$$

Unquestionably one of the best eating out options in Guadalajara, La Tequila is, as its name implies, a mandatory destination for anyone who enjoys a traditional Mexican dish accompanied by a chupito of over 200 types of tequila, 25 brands of Mezcal, Sotol, Bacanora and Raicilla, or 190 wines. Aiming to support local producers by offering dishes based on fresh local ingredients, La Tequila is a multi-award winning restaurant.

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Lula Bistro
Bistro, Restaurant, Fusion, Contemporary, Vegan, Gluten-free, $$$$$
Birriería de Nueve Esquinas

Birriería de Nueve Esquinas | Courtesy of Birriería de Nueve Esquinas

Offering one of the most refined experiences in Guadalajara, Lula Bistro is an upscale gourmet restaurant where original culinary creations are exquisitely prepared by Chef Darren Walsh. The restaurant is locally renowned for serving ‘art on a plate’, with large portions going hand-in-hand with bite-sized morsels. Lula Bistro was awarded the most important restaurant award in Mexico, Distinción Bohemia, a formal recognition of its contribution to Guadalajaran cuisine. The innovative menu smoothly highlights classic Mexican traditions while still looking forward to the culinary future.

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Ofelia Bistro
Bistro, Restaurant, Contemporary, Mexican, Salad Bar$$

Located in an old house from Colonia Providencia, Ofelia Bistro offers the complete eating out experience with its options of dining inside, in the garden, on the terrace or in a wine cellar. Ofelia Bistro skilfully combines traditions with more contemporary touches, well reflected in its menu, decor and serving style. Dishes include onion or tortilla soups, Mexican pancakes, deer carpaccio, lamb tortellini, salmon with Albahaca sauce and shrimp salad.

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Santo Coyote
Diner, Restaurant, Mexican, $$$$
Ribeye Steak

Ribeye Steak | © Elsie Hui/Flickr

Santo Coyote is a great destination for those wanting to explore the culture of Mexico’s legendary native populations. Offering a multi-sensory experience that takes its guests on a surreal journey spiced with pre-colonial elements from a long gone era, Santo Coyote is an unmissable restaurant in Guadalajara. With a magical Amerindian decor created by artist Hugo Ayvar, the restaurant serves a mix of mouth-watering Mexican-criollo food, complemented by an extensive list of wines from Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Spain, France, Italy, Australia and the United States.

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Restaurant, Italian, $$$$

Proposing an unusual, but original combination of Italian and Mexican traditions with extra contemporary touches, Sagrantino is an innovative restaurant in Guadalajara. Its co-owners, the Pernazza family, have been in the Italian food business since 1987, when they opened the first Italian restaurant in town. Sagrantino has created an eclectic and tempting menu. Dishes include the typically Italian minestrone soup, pasta with lobster and shrimps, fettuccine with salmon and vodka, tropical pizza, tiramisu or apple and pear strudel.

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Restaurant, Japanese, Dessert$$$

A Japanese treat in the heart of Guadalajara, Suehiro is the first restaurant of this type in the city. Treating food as art and taste as an experience, Suehiro (opened in 1975) is a very popular culinary destination for both locals and tourists. The menu delivers a memorable incursion into Japan’s finest gastronomic creations, serving a rich variety of sushi, nigiri, makimono, sashimi, tsukidashi, osuimono, tempura and noodles combined with diverse hot soups and tapioca, or cheese flan for dessert.

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