The Best Surf Spots Near Saylita, Mexico

Punta Mita │© Sarah Kelemen Garber / flickr
Punta Mita │© Sarah Kelemen Garber / flickr
Photo of Lydia Carey
29 January 2018

Sayulita and San Pancho on Mexico’s Pacific coast have been attracting surfers from all over for decades. The waves are generally mellow and easy to ride making this a great section of the coast for beginners as well as anyone who wants a chilled out surf experience. In addition to the great surf, the small towns that dot the coast – Punta Mita, Sayulita, San Pancho – all hold charms for surfers and non-surfers alike. Here are some spots we recommend for riding some good waves.

Sayulita Surfing │ | © Matt Kromer / flickr

Punta Sayulita

The town of Sayulita has been drawing surfers to its shores since the 1960s. The surf break on Sayulita’s main beach is know for its mellow, consistent waves, perfect for beginners or longboarder. The town faces north and so recieves good northern swells (a collection of waves moving away from a storm in the ocean). The left side of the beach is mostly sand bar while the right is rock bottom point break – meaning left is better for beginners, right for surfers with experience.

San Pancho

Just up the road going north along the coast is San Pancho. Another cool beach town, San Pancho is a great alternative to staying in Sayulit if you want an even more mellow vacation. San Pancho has a left hand river mouth and a sand bottom break. The waves there are better suited for shortboarders with a little bit of exprience being that they are a little bit punchy. Low to mid-tide is a great time to surf there.

Surfing San Pancho │ | © Thomassin Mickaël / flickr

La Lancha

La Lancha break is further south, on the other side of the point in Punta Mita. Once a sleepy fishing village and surf spot, the town of Punta Mita is now known for its upscale tourist and luxury living. Boulders on the bottom of the sea floor make the quicker, left breaks a little trickier to surf, but the slower, right breaks are great for any skill level. This beach is known for having some of the most consistent waves in the area.

Surf lessons in Punta Mita │ | © Brett L. / flickr


Ostiones beach access is a long walk by land through the surrounding flora or a quick boat ride from either San Pancho or Sayulita. The left breaks are worth checking out during a big swell. There’s not much tourism infrastructure so bring along with you anything you want to eat or drink.


Right in front of the Hotel Cinco in Punta Mita, Anclote has a slow and long break that is great for beginners. The waves are better suited for longboarders than shortboarders but it can get crowded during the high tourism season. The break there is on a reef and rocky, so keep an eye out for the rocks below! From this beach you can get boat rides to El Faro beach, The Cove beach and the Marieta Islands.

Punta Mita │ | © Sarah Kelemen Garber / flickr

El Faro (The Lighthouse)

This break is good for both longboarders and shortboarders and tends to be fast and to the right. This is a good spot for intermediate to advanced surfers but not so much for beginners. This break is good at low to mid-tide and is located just before the very tip of Punta Mita going north up the coastline.


Located to the south of Anclote (in Punta Mita) Stinky’s break is slow and steady and good for beginners and longboarders. It’s directly in front of the hotel La Quinta del Sol and to the left of a jetty used by fishing boats – the fishing boats give the place their name. This is a right point break and the beach here, like it’s neighbor Anclote, is a reef and rocky.

First time out │ | © Adam Rugel / flickr


Located north of El Faro break, Bahia is right on the tip of Punta Mita and it’s good for both left and right rides, short boards and long boards. The right break is faster and steeper and this spot is exposed to the open ocean so it can get a little messy. To reach this beach you can walk for about an our along the shore or catch a ride on a local boat to take out there. This spot is just south of the Four Seasons Hotel.

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