Awakening: Welcome to the World's First Hotel Dedicated to Happiness

Awakening Hotel | photo courtesy of Adriana Chardí
Awakening Hotel | photo courtesy of Adriana Chardí
Photo of Stephen Woodman
9 August 2017

With a stunning location on the banks of the Nopalitos Lagoon on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, Awakening is set to be the world’s first happiness-themed boutique hotel.

The project began in 2015 when Adriana Chardí and her partner Martin Loeffler decided to create a hotel that blends spectacular architectural design, impeccable sustainability standards and maximum contact with nature.

By the end of last year, the couple had settled on a final location – in the Riviera Maya in the state of Quintana Roo, right next to the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka’an, an area of pristine natural beauty that was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.

Guests at the high-end hotel will stay in the hotel’s “human cocoons,” which combine elements of a beach cabin and a treehouse. These innovative structures mimic nature’s shapes and forms, with comforting soft lines that blend seamlessly with the Mayan jungle surroundings.

Awakening 'Cocoon' | photo courtesy of Adriana Chardí

Chardí, the Mexican co-founder and CEO of Awakening, has more than 15 years of hotel experience in the Riviera Maya. Her partner, Martin Loeffler, is a German entrepreneur who has long dreamed of creating a hotel experience dedicated to personal development.

Awakening is located in one of Mexico’s fastest growing high-end tourist destinations, a short distance from the extraordinary archaeological sites of Tulum and Muyil.

The Nopalitos Lagoon looks much like a Caribbean beach but is in fact a cenote, or sinkhole, created by an asteroid fracturing the Earth’s surface. The pristine freshwater body is connected to the sea via underground rivers.

The hotel is based around a vision of “barefoot luxury,” that bolsters happiness by maximizing contact with the natural world. The goal, according to Awakening’s website is to provide the opportunity for “experiences that promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.”

Cocoon interior | photo courtesy of Adriana Chardí

Sustainability is also an essential element of this vision, and the hotel is aiming to minimize environmental impact through the use of high-end water treatment, clean energy and waste-reduction strategies.

The hotel’s co-founders have had several offers from external investors. Yet in order to avoid compromising their vision, they are determined to finance the project through a combination of their own money and crowdfunding investments.

“Awakening is going to have a soul,” said Loeffler. “It’s going to have its own personality. And we want to protect this.”

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