15 Breathtaking Photos of Tulum, Mexico That Will Make You Wish You Were There Right Now

Tulum Ruins from above | © Falco Ermert/Flickr
Tulum Ruins from above | © Falco Ermert/Flickr
Photo of Stephen Woodman
7 November 2017

Blessed with some of Mexico’s most unblemished natural beauty, Tulum is a destination that should be on every traveler’s bucket list. Whether it’s the stunning beachside Mayan ruins, the glorious underwater sinkholes or the delicious local cuisine, the Caribbean coastal town truly lives up to its hype. Here are 15 stunning photos of Mexico’s most majestic beach paradise.

The 13th-century Mayan archaeological ruins are a truly impressive sight, especially given their location overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

The clifftop Castillo was built as a watchtower and is one of the country’s most photographed sights.

Mayan ruins of Tulum, Mexico | © Pola Damonte/Shutterstock

The warm, azure waters of the Caribbean Sea are a major draw for visitors to Tulum, Cancún and other resort destinations along Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

Mayan Riviera, Tulum, Mexico | © Joao Virissimo/Shutterstock

Tulum also boasts pristine white beaches.

Fishing boat in Tulum, Mexico | © SL-Photography/Shutterstock

Nature lovers are drawn to the region year-round. Huge iguanas such as this one roam freely along Tulum beach.

Iguana | © Dennis Jarvis/Flickr

Sea turtles are another common sight on the beaches and in the waters around Tulum.

Sea turtle | © Laszlo Ilyes/Flickr

Traditional handicrafts such as these brightly-colored bowls are sold around town.

Traditional souvenir bowls | © Pana Vasquez/Unsplash

Tulum has long had a reputation as a hippie hub, although in recent years the atmosphere has shifted in response to growing interest from expensive hotels and property developers.

Hippy van in Tulum, Mexico | © Norman Nick/Shutterstock

The area surrounding Tulum is known to have the world’s largest number of cenotes, or underwater sinkholes. Once celebrated as sacred by the ancient Mayans, they now attract divers, swimmers and adventurers alike.

Cenote | © Lara Danielle/Flickr
Dos Ojos Cenote, Tulum, Mexico | © lastdjedai/Shutterstock

Cenote Manatee is one of the region’s most impressive natural landmarks.

Cenote Manatee | © Falco Ermert/Flickr

Lagoon Kaan Luum is a stunning place to swim just south of Tulum.

Lagoon Kaan Luum | © Falco Ermert/Flickr

Tulum has a lively culinary culture, with thriving, hip restaurants like Mur Mur drawing foodies from across the world.

Mur Mur Restaurant in Tulum, Mexico | © Efraín H/Flickr

Fruits are in abundant supply in Tulum, and a fruit salad with a coconut is a fantastic way to start the day.

Fruit salad | © Gabriel Garcia Marengo/Flickr

Tulum also boasts excellent street food. The laid-back Taqueria La Eufemia has established a reputation as one of Tulum’s best taco joints.

Taqueria La Eufemia | © Lou Stejskal/Flickr

Tulum is an excellent place to stargaze and offers awe-inspiring night skies.

Starry sky | © Alejandro De La Cruz/Flickr

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