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Contraceptive Pill | © GabiSanda/Pixabay
Contraceptive Pill | © GabiSanda/Pixabay
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11 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know Mexico Gave the World

Picture of Lauren Cocking
Mexico Writer
Updated: 2 November 2017
Everyone knows that Mexico gave the world guacamole, tortillas, mariachi and pulque, not to mention tequila and mezcal, but what other inventions and discoveries can be traced back to this North American country? Here are some of the most awesome things you had no idea Mexico gave the world, from the Mesoamerican peoples to the modern day.


If you know how much Mexicans love their maize (corn), it makes sense that the Zapotec peoples would have been the brains behind everyone’s favourite cinema snack – popcorn. Afterwards, it fell into the hands of Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés by way of the Aztecs. These popped kernels were known as momochtli. They were made in hot clay pots, and not in the microwave.

Popcorn | Pixabay

Chewing Gum

Many are surprised to hear that we can thank Mexico for the invention of chewing gum. First stumbled upon by the Mayans, who extracted the sap that was originally used to make ch