10 Start-Ups in Guadalajara That Are Ones to Watch

Arcos de Guadalajara | © Luis Camargo/Flickr
Arcos de Guadalajara | © Luis Camargo/Flickr
Photo of Pablo Mares
6 July 2017

Guadalajara is the most important technology center in Mexico right now, and indeed, it is among the places with the most momentum in the whole of Latin America. With hundreds of tech companies starting up all the time, the city is full of new ideas. There is a popular saying that if something triumphs in Guadalajara, it triumphs in all Mexico. Here are the start-ups to watch out for.


Apremy aims to teach you how to set up a company, by means of an online course that takes you just five minutes a day. New educational capsules are added every week, and it’s compatible with your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. It is specially designed to be used during long city commutes.

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Credirama seeks to help people make better decisions when taking out a loan. It consists of personalized consultations by text message. They compare credit products and services to help you make the right choice.


Handcrafted beer is a booming business in recent years. BrewIot is an innovative app that helps you with your home brewing operation.


This smart watch aims to enhance the mobility of visually disabled people. It works by letting the user ‘feel’ their surroundings by the use of vibrations.


Fullbox lets you rent furniture. What could be simpler? Just look at their website and choose the furniture or appliances you need. These can be rented weekly or monthly, and the furniture is delivered to your door.

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The idea of this startup is to buy and sell bitcoins in Mexico. The highs and lows of the price of this currency can make it an investment opportunity for Mexican consumers.


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This startup lets marketeers follow the digital journey their customers make, gathering valuable data on what they read, the websites they visit, and the time they spend on social networks. You are being watched!

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Makeup On Us

This recently launched company has its engineering offices in the heart of Guadalajara. They are “an artificial intelligence company that provides solutions by processing large sets of visual data and delivering products that make companies smarter.”


This new company is focused on the growing business of 3D printing. They can also make laser-cut items in many different materials.

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The app developed by this company rewards you for not using your cell phone while driving: a modern solution to a very modern problem.