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Amandla Stenberg, a Marie Claire feature & Zoe Saldana | Courtesy of Esteban Calderón
Amandla Stenberg, a Marie Claire feature & Zoe Saldana | Courtesy of Esteban Calderón
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10 Mexican Fashion Photographers To Watch

Picture of Lauren Cocking
Mexico Writer
Updated: 10 November 2016
Mexico’s fashion star is rising, and with it come a bunch of excellent photographers ready to show the world what they have to offer. Although there are big names in Mexican fashion photography already dominating their fields, such as Santiago Ruiseñor, here are the top 10 photographers you need to watch out for in the coming years.

Ana Hop

Since studying communications in her native Mexico before moving on to a photography course in London, Ana Hop has gone from strength to strength. She’s worked with the likes of DNA magazine, Avery and the Roma boutique Apartment 25. As well as that, she’s helped create lookbooks for designers such as Salo Shayo and is known for her clean approach to fashion photography and use of natural lighting in her portraits.

DNA Magazine, Salo Shayo Lookbook & Apartment 25
DNA Magazine, Salo Shayo Lookbook & Apartment 25 | Courtesy of Ana Hop

Dania Valdez

Originally from Guadalajara, but now based in Mexico City, Dania Valdez has worked with a range of designers, brands and stores in her quest to become one of the best fashion photographers in the industry – and it’s working. Her style is unique and instantly calls to mind her name (if you’re in the know, that is!), and as a result she’s already been published in several magazines, such as Híbrido, Jute and Nylon.

Ximena del Valle

She ‘takes pictures of people’, according to her own website’s bio, yet she’s also much more than that. Ximena del Valle is another Mexico City based fashion photographer who has worked on several high-profile campaigns. Known for her excellently shot nudes, artistic high fashion campaigns, and the occasional edgier, moodily lit photo, Ximena del Valle is undoubtedly one to watch out for.

White Rabbit, Meow Mag & Fabrica Social
White Rabbit, Meow Mag & Fabrica Social | Courtesy of Ximena del Valle

Jvdas Berra

Jvdas Berra is of Italian descent, but was born and raised in Mexico City before moving to New York to study cinematography. Even so, photography was and had always been his true calling since his mother first gifted him a camera and that is the career to which he dedicates himself today. Having been featured in big name publications such as the fashion bible, Vogue, along with ELLE and Nylon, his youthful career is positively flourishing.

Striking, unique fashion photography
Striking, unique fashion photography | Courtesy of Jvdas Berra

Germán Nájera and Iván Flores

Technically Germán Nájera and Iván Flores are two separate people, but given that they predominantly work in partnership to shoot fashion editorials and portraits, it seemed only right to include them both. Nájera is incredibly hands-on in the production of his fashion photography, taking control of the editing, styling and even the dress of the models. Iván Flores is currently working in tandem/ under the tutelage of Nájera and together they’ve shot for GQ, Vanity Fair and Cosmo.


A photo posted by Iván FP (@ifppfi) on

María Fernanda Molins

Maria Fernanda Molins is for sure a fashion photographer to keep an eye on in the next few years. She’s already been published in Rookie magazine, and formed part of the Origen exposition (a Mexican fashion photography exhibition) just over a year ago. While she used to use Tumblr heavily, she is now much more prevalent on Instagram, which is where you can see most of her recent work.

Courtesy of María Fernanda Molins
Courtesy of María Fernanda Molins

Esteban Calderón

Esteban Calderón’s photography career began at the age of 21, and since then this photographer has gone from one good thing to another. As you can see from his website, he’s already snapped portraits of several high profile celebrities, such as Lana del Rey and Miguel Bosé, as well as worked with numerous magazines such as Rolling Stone and Cosmopolitan. Multi-faceted, his photography is always excellent.

Amandla Stenberg, a Marie Claire feature & Zoe Saldana
Amandla Stenberg, a Marie Claire feature & Zoe Saldana | Courtesy of Esteban Calderón

Dorian Ulises López

Dorian Ulises López has already been featured by Culture Trip as one of our Mexican photographers to watch, so it’s clear he was always going to make our fashion photographers guide too. Having only recently left the graphic design scene for photography, he was once the editor for both Life and Style and Elle México. Alongside his more high fashion shots, his Instagram has travel oriented photos too.

¿Dulce o truco? @_meowmag — modelo @dahliaaldana maquillaje y pelo @maripili7 iluminación @lechix producción @oliviameza

A photo posted by Dorian Ulises López Macías (@dorianuliseslopez) on

@mariaferarmenta #idmexico

A photo posted by Dorian Ulises López Macías (@dorianuliseslopez) on

Cecy Young

Perhaps one of the most notable rising stars on our entire guide, Cecy Young is a prevalent fashion photographer who’s now based out of the arguable home of high fashion, Paris. Her distinct style is delicate and subtle, full of clean lines and beautiful silhouettes, and her snaps have been featured in Elle México, Marie Claire and i-D. Despite her success, Young herself claims she’s still learning the ins and outs of the industry.

Elle Mexico, Sep 2016, Biba France, July 2016, Mery Japan, August 2016
Elle Mexico, Sep 2016, Biba France, July 2016, Mery Japan, August 2016 | Courtesy of Cecy Young

Fabiola Zamora

An accomplished photographer based out of the artsy Mexico City neighbourhood, Roma Norte, Fabiola Zamora works predominantly in partnership with brands for her magazine Revista 192, although she also takes part in other commercials and fashion campaign shoots. Her back catalogue of work includes pieces shot for Mezcal Amores, Diesel, Chanel No5 and even Louis Vuitton, which all have an edgy vibe as well as featuring plenty of topless models.

Louis Vuitton, Chanel No5 & Revista192 Campaign
Louis Vuitton, Chanel No5 & Revista192 Campaign | Courtesy of Fabiola Zamora