Guatemala, North America

Guatemala, North America


Central America boasts a cluster of vibrant destinations often overlooked by the many regions of Mexico to the north and the larger nations of South America below. There is no better example of this than Guatemala.

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Once the heartland of Maya civilisations, history has not always been kind to Guatemala. It was subject to Spanish colonial rule, and endured multiple bloody dictatorships during the 20th century. The country has many scars, but they are healing, and any visit here should remain culturally sensitive. Embrace the local people, respect their heritage and always be a conscious tourist – that’s what Culture Trip is all about.

It’s important to mention because there are so many reasons to visit Guatemala. There’s the beautiful architecture of colourful city streets, incredibly well-preserved relics of ancient civilisations, and natural beauty which abounds in the form of rainforests, volcanic lakes and coastlines on the Pacific and Caribbean.

Join us on a trip here and we guarantee a culturally immersive experience that will have you head over heels for Guatemala. We’ll explore the cobblestone streets of Antigua, lined with multi-coloured barocco antiqueño buildings. Browse ceramic shops, textile stores and eateries before we take you to Pacaya volcano for a glorious sunset hike, capped off with pizza slices and marshmallows cooked over molten lava. You’ll also experience a traditional Mayan ceremony in Iximche, before heading to Lake Atitlan – formed by a volcanic crater – for the most scenic kayak experience of your life.

If you’re looking to extend your Central American stay, you can also combine our Guatemala trip with our Belize trip – where you’ll snorkel in the Caribbean, embark on a rainforest river tour and kick back on a stunning sunset cruise.

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