The 10 Best Places For Brunch In Vancouver, Canada

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9 February 2017

Vancouver’s restaurant scene offers an array of dishes for a late morning brunch, ranging from gourmet seafood dishes to comforting breakfast staples. Here are our top 10 spots for brunch in Vancouver, Canada.

Cafe Medina

The Cafe Medina has quickly risen to be one of Vancouver’s top brunch spots. Offering perhaps the best Belgian waffles in the city, as well as an array of delicious brunch cocktails, the cafe reflects the relaxation and soulfulness typical of the Mediterranean. Spacious and brightly lit, Medina insists on high-quality ingredients that relay the cafe’s philosophy – that food feeds the soul as much as it does the body. Recently relocated to a higher capacity space, this restaurant is a must for avid foodies. This is the case whether they are simply visiting, or a local looking for a reliable and charming brunch cafe.

Boulevard Brunch | Courtesy of Boulevard


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Boulevard’s brunch offers a selection of locally sourced ingredients, with a particular flair for seafood dishes. In the modern, black and gold accented interior, executive chef Alex Chen combines traditional seafood dishes with contemporary international influences. The result is a brunch menu that ranges from smoked salmon tartare to Nutella-stuffed French toast to red and white quinoa salad. This is accompanied by a list of traditional brunch cocktails, including a fresh, fruity Bellini for a late morning pick-me-up.

Fable Kitchen

Fable Kitchen has an emphasis on farm-to-table food, hence the restaurant’s name. This place relies on local ingredients, rustic European decor and Vancouver-based art to bring their culinary vision of creating classic healthy, delicious dishes to life. Elegant and unpretentious, Fable features an open kitchen where guests can see their food prepared, allowing for an unequaled communal atmosphere. Their brunch menu brings fresh, organic flavor to traditional fare. It is constantly changing according to seasonal availability. The drinks list includes both alcoholic drinks as well as a refreshing breakfast smoothie.

Oakwood Canadian Bistro | © Wyn Lok/Flickr

The Oakwood Canadian Bistro

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Focusing on organic, cruelty-free ingredients, The Oakwood Canadian Bistro is the perfect brunch spot for socially conscious foodies. The menu features plates such as braised beef shank, confit tuna and open-face brisket sandwiches. These are complemented by mimosas, Pimms-based cocktails and a whiskey-based coffee for a boost of energy and indulgence (topped with hand-whipped cream). Restaurant decor focuses on mixing fresh modern design with classic hunting lodge elements, such as deer antlers and a roaring fireplace. This is an aesthetic that is matched by food that is as visually pleasing as it is delicious.


L’Abattoir‘s reputation for gourmet dining extends even into their late morning menu selection. Located in the trendy, historic Gastown district, L’Abattoir features revamped industrial design, hybridized with the appeal of French cafes as high glass windows and fairy lights meet exposed brick walls on the site of Vancouver’s first jail. Wake up with a hearty Bloody Mary or an Elderflower Collins for a lighter, crisper option and a breakfast burger for a perfect combination of breakfast and lunch.

The Red Wagon | © Aismo118/Flickr

The Red Wagon

Brunch at The Red Wagon was made famous by their pulled pork pancakes with Jack Daniels maple syrup. With this, they combined two comfort foods into a savory and sweet brunch option with just a bite of whiskey. Situated in an unassuming, casual diner setting, The Red Wagon is a fantastic option for a laid-back brunch experience. And, it’s in a restaurant that may prove to be iconic of Vancouver’s food scene, having been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Belgard Kitchen | © Kenny Louie/Flickr

Belgard Kitchen

Belgard Kitchen’s brunch is composed of traditional brunch dishes with carefully selected ingredients, offering a twist on old-school brunch fare. Familiar meals such as flank steak and eggs are combined with traditional Argentinian preparation, such as additional spices and chimichurri. The brunch selection exemplifies the importance that Belgard places on a international culinary interpretation. Accompanied with a wide selection of international wines and a beer-tasting paddle, Belgard KItchen ensures that every visitor leaves seeing an old favorite in a new light.

55 Dunlevy Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 3A3, Canada +1 604 699 1989

Heirloom Restaurant

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Vancouver Skyline
Vancouver Skyline | © Alex Costin/Flickr
For vegetarian and vegan foodies looking for a new brunch spot, Heirloom offers an entirely meat-free menu. Occupying an airy, modern space with an abundance of natural light, the restaurant’s healthy ambiance reflects the menu’s commitment to locally sourced and organic fruit and vegetables. Vegetarian brunch menus feature a range of vegetarian interpretations of the staple eggs Benedict, including mushroom, avocado and beet based versions of the classic. The vegan menu is equally impressive with quinoa burritos and the colorful rainbow noodle salad.

La Mezcaleria

If you’re searching for an exotic twist on the brunch tradition, La Mezcaleria offers a Mexican take on favorite dishes. For those looking for seafood-based meals, La Mezcaleria offers Oceanwise dishes such as sopa de mariscos, a tomato-based soup with a medley of freshly sourced and ecologically sustainable seafood There is also an eggs Benedict dish featuring tequila, citrus and salmon. The restaurant’s fun and welcoming personality makes La Mezcaleria a charming and exciting spot to begin the weekend with some distinct Mexican flavors.

Eggs Benedict | © Stephanie Vacher/Flickr

The Twisted Fork Bistro

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One of Vancouver’s most popular brunch spots, The Twisted Fork Bistro uses high-quality ingredients for their traditional brunch dishes. Family-friendly and casual, the restaurant draws in early morning crowds looking for a taste of their notable eggs Benedict, spiced up with chorizo sausage. Patrons also love their scones, accompanied by the bistro’s own jams. Bold coffee served in a French press and their Slinky Minky cocktail, composed of champagne and raspberry juice, are both fantastic drink options. Their commitment to friendly service and quality food is reflected by the loyalty of their regulars. This makes Twisted Fork a must for Vancouver-based brunch fans.

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