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Quebec City’s 10 Must-Visit Contemporary Art Galleries
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Quebec City’s 10 Must-Visit Contemporary Art Galleries

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Updated: 25 September 2016
Quebec City is the crown jewel of French Canada, home to hidden treasures such as the Old Quebec district, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with charming cobblestone streets and historic houses. Yet, it’s not just the historic charm that makes Quebec City a top destination; the city is also an active artistic and cultural destination, with an array of must-see art spaces, galleries and museums. Here are ten must-see contemporary art galleries in Quebec City, showcasing the best of international and Canadian art.
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Centre Materia

Centre Materia is an artist-run centre for the applied arts supported by Quebec’s Maison des Métiers d’Art. Situated on the ground floor of this multi-disciplinary formative Maison, Centre Materia contributes to the dissemination of crafts while promoting artistic research and creativity. Located in the trendy Nouvo Saint-Roch neighbourhood, this gallery showcases the creations of national and international artists, both emerging and established, in rotating exhibitions and installations. Centre Materia encourages new artistic interpretations, technique and knowhow with a unique space for sharing the work of artists who push boundaries. It also hosts an on-site art shop adjacent to the gallery.

Centre Materia, 395 boul. Charest Est, Quebec City, Canada, +1 418 524 0354

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L’Espace Contemporain

L’Espace Contemporain gallery was born in 2005 with passion, respect for artistic creativity and the aim of promoting Quebec’s contemporary art talent. L’Espace Contemporain actually has two independent venues, one in Quebec and another in Montreal, offering the artworks of emerging and established artists from both regions along with other artists within its virtual and actual exhibition spaces. The gallery promotes experimentation and plays a leading role in researching and developing means to engage a wider audience, with the aim of making contemporary art accessible to everyone. Anet Blais, Jocelyn Blouin, Cyntia Bond, Viviane Gruais and Michel Giguère are some of the artists represented by the gallery at the moment.

L’Espace Contemporain, 13 rue Saint-Jean, Quebec City, Canada, +1 418 648 2002

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Galerie d’Art Inuit Brousseau et Brousseau

Brousseau et Brousseau Gallery was created in 1974 by Raymond Brousseau with the aim of promoting Inuit art in Quebec and abroad, and has organized several exhibitions in Europe with this purpose in mind. Only 50,000 Inuit live in a vast territory of 300,000 square kilometres in Canada; the current director of the gallery, Jean-Francois Brousseau, selects the best artworks from North Canadian Inuit cooperatives, picking out those truly committed to their ancestral traditions, and helps them improve their standard of living in the Canadian Arctic. The gallery displays impressive animals sculpted from regional stone along with a number of contemporary artworks inspired by spirits, shamanism and Inuit legend.

Galerie d’Art Inuit Brousseau et Brousseau, 35 rue Saint-Louis, Quebec City, Canada +1 418 694 1828

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Galerie Factory

Galerie Factory is devoted to young and dynamic contemporary artworks. It represents emerging and established talents, who can create their work here, meet their clients and take part in the art space’s different events in order to ensure a better promotion of their work. Artists such as Jypé, Cynthia Coulombe Bégin, Annie Levesque, Matthieu Laca or Danyelle Bachand are some of the talents represented by Galeries Factory, whose ultlimate mission is to democratize art and facilitate its acquisition. Factory is housed in an exceptional venue in the vibrant Nouvo Saint-Roch neighbourhood and boasts a modern approach to art, as well as a symbiotic relationship with artists.

Galerie Factory, 837 rue St-Joseph Est, Quebec City, Canada, +1 418-800-8846

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Rue du Trésor

Rue du Trésor can be defined as an open-air contemporary art gallery. Situated in a narrow pedestrian alley in the heart of the old city, its origins date back to the 1960s, when several arts students featured their works along the walls of the street. Since then, many emerging artists of the city have followed suit and Rue du Trésor has become a renowned artsy spot in Quebec. More than 30 local artists show their work in this lively street, in semi-permanent exhibitions and regulated activities, as the artists have formed an independent non-profit association (Association des Artistes de la Rue du Trésor). The techniques used by these artists span etching, painting and offset, silkscreen and watercolour. This is a good place to find local art at reasonable prices and talk to the artists about their work.

Rue du Trésor, Rue du Trésor, Quebec City, Canada

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Galerie Perreault

Galerie Perreault is located in the heart of Old Quebec City and hosts vivid paintings from the most eminent artists of the local scene, including Michel Leroux, Anne Marrec, Sylvain Tremblay or Corno. Paying homage to the beauty, the colours and the identity of Quebec, Galerie Perrault is an attractive place for collectors and amateurs. It showcases true gems of Quebec’s heritage, where contemporary creations appear together with the great names of 20th century art, such as Marc-Aurèle Fortin or Jean-Paul Lemieux. The gallery also has a second venue, only a few blocks away, at Rue Saint-Paul.

Galerie Perreault, 122 Côte de la Montagne, Quebec City, Canada
+1 418 692 4773

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Galerie Linda Verge

Galerie Linda Verge presents promising conte