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The Fleurdelisé, the flag of the province of Quebec | © Makaristos / WikiCommons
The Fleurdelisé, the flag of the province of Quebec | © Makaristos / WikiCommons
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11 Words That Will Make You Fall in Love With Quebecois French

Picture of Emily Paskevics
Updated: 12 June 2017
Over six million people in Canada, with the majority living in the province of Quebec, speak Quebec French, referred to more generally as Quebecois. The roots of the language arise from 17th- and 18th-century regional dialects of early modern France, but through the centuries, it has evolved through layers of colonial history, First Nations influences, and industrial change. Here are 11 unique words from the Quebecois language.

Cabane à Sucre

Pronounce it like this: caban-a-sucr-uh.

Cabane à sucre – Sugar shack
Cabane à sucre – Sugar shack | © Culture Trip/Emily Paskevics


Pronounce it like this: toook.

Tuque – Winter hat
Tuque – Winter hat | © Culture Trip/Emily Paskevics


Pronounce it like this: dep-pan-euhr.

Dépanneur – Corner Store
Dépanneur – Corner Store | © Culture Trip/Emily Paskevics


Pronounce it like this: bruh-nante.

Brunante – Nightfall or dusk
Brunante – Nightfall or dusk | © Culture Trip/Emily Paskevics

Banc de neige

Pronounce it like this: bahnk-de-nehge.

Banc de neige – Snowbank
Banc de neige – Snowbank | © Culture Trip/Emily Paskevics


Pronounce it like this: keh-tayne.

Quétaine – Kitsch
Quétaine – Kitsch | © Culture Trip/Emily Paskevics


Pronounce it like this: fra-seel.

Frasil – Thin ice
Frasil – Thin ice | © Culture Trip/Emily Paskevics


Pronounce it like this: shia-ley.

Chialer – Crying or whining
Chialer – Crying or whining | © Culture Trip/Emily Paskevics


Pronounce it like this: shaah.

Char – Car
Char – Car | © Culture Trip/Emily Paskevics


Pronounce it like this: pla-cot-eh.

Placoter – To chat or chatter
Placoter – To chat or chatter | © The Culture Trip/ Emily Paskevics


Pronounce it like this: nu-aahje.

Nuage – Scarf
Nuage – Scarf | © The Culture Trip/ Emily Paskevics