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Your Guide To Art Toronto 2015 | October 23-26
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Your Guide To Art Toronto 2015 | October 23-26

Picture of Dr. Oishimaya Sen Nag
Updated: 11 December 2015
Good news for all of you art lovers: ART Toronto, one of Canada’s most established contemporary and modern art fair events, is back in Toronto this October 23rd-26th with an exciting weekend of programs and artwork exhibited by leading Canadian and international art galleries. Acting as a handshake between art buyers, leading art dealers and artists, ART Toronto provides a unique opportunity for the art enthusiast to access the Canadian art market.
Courtesy of Art Toronto
Courtesy of Art Toronto

The Opening Night Preview

The Opening Night Preview is an unmissable party in support of the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). Over the past 15 years, the opening gala helped raise a prodigious sum of $5 million, with funds supporting the AGO’s extensive art exhibitions and education programs, in addition to helping to acquire artwork displayed at the Fair to enrich AGO’s own permanent collection and their commitment to exhibiting the work of contemporary artists. The event provides an exclusive opportunity for guests to preview and purchase artwork, and to interact with artists, gallerists and art collectors over cocktails. An intellectual and sociable gathering of art admirers from around the world, the Opening Night Preview kicks off the Art Toronto weekend.

The Special Collectors’ Preview and Opening Night Preview will be held on Thursday, October 22, 2015. Tickets for this fundraising event are available here.

Angell Gallery, Gavin Lynch | Courtesy of Art Toronto
Angell Gallery, Gavin Lynch | Courtesy of Art Toronto

Participating Galleries

ART Toronto will feature both ‘Main’ galleries from Toronto as well as galleries from other parts of Canada and from all around the world, including Germany, Israel, United States, United Kingdom, France and Belgium. A special feature of the Fair will be the curated section of ‘Focus : Latin America’ represented by eight galleries from all across Latin America including galleries from Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Argentina and Chile. Abaseh Mirvali, a renowned curator based in Mexico City and Berlin, is responsible for the Latin American curatorial project. Besides the ‘Main’ and ‘Focus’ galleries, there will be ‘Verge’, ‘Solo’ and ‘Not-for-profit’ galleries, each with their distinctive features and remarkable contribution towards the art gala. Check out the complete list of participating galleries, and plan out your day of must-see art.

FOCUS: Latin America | Eduardo Basualdo 'La puerta en la pared' | Courtesy of Art Toronto
FOCUS: Latin America | Eduardo Basualdo ‘La puerta en la pared’ | Courtesy of Art Toronto



Besides the art galleries, ART Toronto will also feature ‘PLATFORM’, ART Toronto’s series of lectures and panel discussions on art and related subjects. Featuring lectures by distinguished art world figures, some of the talks, including Stories of Art Recovery from a World of Stolen Works, Taking Measure: Women in the Arts and Where we are Now: Mapping Toronto’s Contemporary Art Histories will inspire and inform with invigorating artistic content.


ART Toronto will also display stunning projects such as The Wifi is the Body; Pièce pour cinq interprètes, lumière rose et silence; Self Actualizers : SYSTEM SYSTEM SYSTEM; and A Piano Listening To Itself.


Interested in video art? Make sure to check out the VERGE Video. The program will feature some thought-provoking contemporary moving image art.

Courtesy of Art Toronto
Courtesy of Art Toronto

SOLO Salon

The SOLO Salon of ART Toronto will feature a series of intellectual discussions by SOLO artists based on their artwork through the lens of shared themes.

MOCCA Benefit Edition

The MOCCA Benefit Edition event will benefit the programming initiatives at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art from the proceeds of sale of the edition work.

FOCUS: Latin America | Max Gómez Canle 'Oscuridades' | Courtesy of Art Toronto
FOCUS: Latin America | Max Gómez Canle ‘Oscuridades’ | Courtesy of Art Toronto

When and Where

Art Toronto 2015 will be held between 23-26 October, 2015

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building, 255 Front Street West, Toronto, Canada, +1 416-585-8000

The new exhibition layout of ART Toronto designed by FIRM Architecture and Design (FIRM a.d.) will create an atmosphere of interest and dynamism at the art fair. For more details on the timings of the event and the directions to the venue of the event, visit the website of Art Toronto here.

By Oishimaya Sen Nag

Dr. Oishimaya Sen Nag, a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Kolkata, India, currently resides in Toronto and is engaged in full-time freelance writing. She travels widely and loves mingling with people of eclectic cultures, as well as participating in activities concerning wildlife conservation.