The Most Outrageous Desserts In Toronto, Canada

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16 October 2016

If you have a major sweet tooth you’ll want to explore the desserts of any big city you visit. And in Toronto you’ll have more than a few post-dinner treats to enjoy. We list the 10 places to find the most outrageous dessert delicacies here.

The Crookie (Clafouti)

The pastry geniuses at Clafouti have created the ultimate combination of flaky, sweet goodness with their incredible cookie-croissant hybrid. You’ll find some Oreo is in every bite of this French pastry, because each croissant is jammed packed with at least four double stuffed Oreos. We’re not done yet! The crookie is also stuffed with icing to complement the Oreo flavor, and the Clafouti crookie has been featured on Live With Kelly and Michael, CTV News, and the Sunday Times. Give this wild mixture a try!

The Black Hoof

Created at The Black Hoof in downtown Toronto, the Foie and French Toast dessert mixes two classics: French toast and foie gras. This dessert is made up of foie gras, which is 3oz of duck liver, served with French toast and topped with white chocolate, sour cherries, dave de ciantis cold brew caramel, and salted peanuts. All of which comes together to form a sweet and savory combination that will have your mouth watering. The Foie and French toast dish comes at a price, but this inventive dessert combines your salty, sweet, crunchy, and creamy dreams all together, so your tastebuds will definitely thank you.

Foie & French Toast | Courtesy of Black Hoof

Cacao 70

No one really likes to share desserts, but with this outrageous amount of chocolate goodness, there’s plenty to go around. Cacao 70, located in the Distillery District of downtown Toronto is known for its assortment of chocolates from around the world, including cocoa from Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Belgium. The ‘Sharing Sharing For Two’ is their most outrageous menu item, complete with a quarter of a 12-inch triple chocolate pizza, milk chocolate fondue, graham crackers, chocolate strawberries, and your own grill to grill up some chocolate marshmallows. This item is perfect for date night, night with the girls, or, if you’re feeling brave, it can be an ambitious solo dessert.

Sharing Sharing For Two | Courtesy of Cacao 70

Sweet Jesus

You might think that ice cream isn’t all that outrageous, but then you’ve never tested the ice cream cones at Sweet Jesus, located in the entertainment district of downtown Toronto. The ice cream flavors at Sweet Jesus are inventive and include selections such as Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, which is a mix of strawberry jam, toast, vanilla soft serve, and peanut butter sauce, and Skor and Ritz Pie, which is filled with Skor bits, Ritz cracker bites, caramel sauce, and vanilla soft serve.

Sweet Jesus Ice Cream | Courtesy of Sweet Jesus

Dutch Dreams

Super Royal Dutch Baked Alaska is fit for any king or queen, and is available at Toronto’s own Dutch Dreams. This dessert masterpiece is created with your choice of two scoops of Dream’s creamy ice cream topped with a layer of fluffy cake and a dash of Grand Marnier (a king’s liqueur), almonds, and fresh ripe fruit. Totally blazing with personality and creativity, this dessert a real crowd pleaser. Share it with two people, or on special order for a crowd of up to eight people.

Junked Food Co

Junked Food Co is a Toronto original that showcases the fun side of crazy food mash-ups. Their famous Cookie Doh-Nut is a glazed doughnut that’s packed with cookie dough, Oreo crumbs, drizzled with peanut butter, and finally covered in chocolate. All of those years of eating cookie dough right out of the package has just been practice for this monster of a dessert.

Hollywood Cone

Hollywood Cone‘s line of ‘Mutant Milkshakes’ combine ice-cream, homemade baked goods, and candies on top of candies. The Salty Little Focker is made up of two parts; the ice cream and the toppings. The base is a mix of creamy vanilla ice-cream with salted caramel, crushed pretzels, brownies, Nutella, and decadent Nutella drizzle. To top off the base, they’ve added a whole brownie, pretzel twists, Nutella around the rim, whipped cream and a light salted caramel drizzle. While this gem isn’t in downtown Toronto, it’s worth the drive out to good ol’ Oshawa.

Hollywood Cone’s “Mutant Milkshakes” | Courtesy of Hollywood Cone

Sweet Sammie’s

If you’re craving an extremely Canadian dessert, look no further than Sweet Sammie’s O Canada. This national treat is made up of a red velvet pie that is filled with Canadian maple bacon ice cream. Best combination ever, eh? This mixture of savory and sweet might seem a little outrageous, but the contrasting flavors mix together to give your taste buds that extra little jolt they crave.

O Canada | Courtesy of Sweet Sammies

Red Bench

If you want to combine outrageous with healthy, you won’t find a better combination than Red Bench’s Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookie. The Red Bench prides itself on organic products, which include frozen yogurts, espressos, teas, and most of all, cookies. The Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookie is a peanut butter cookie that is stuffed to the max with strawberry preserve; one bite and your tastebuds come alive.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookie | Courtesy of Red Bench

Holy Chuck

This phenomenon from Holy Chuck is a deep-fried wonder of epic proportions. This dessert is created from raw cookie dough wrapped in bacon and deep fried to crispy deliciousness. The cookie dough is then placed on a mound of vanilla ice cream with Belgian chocolate, and finally, to make this a Canadian delicacy, the dessert is covered with maple syrup. This dessert is obviously pretty high calorie, but is definitely worth a workout (or three).

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