The Best Vintage Clothing Stores In Toronto

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Updated: 4 January 2017
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For the vintage clothing enthusiast, Toronto is a prime location to find some great one-of-a-kind pieces. There are many vintage shops all over the city that offer a variety of styles and items at a variety of prices. Here is a list of the top five vintage shops in the city, ranging in style and location.

Black Market

One of the most popular and widely recognized vintage clothing stores in the city is Black Market. With all vintage or new pieces priced at $10 or less, Black Market is perfect for those looking for a one-of-a-kind piece at an affordable price. The giant underground warehouse is not only a great spot to shop vintage; you can also shop music with a selection of vintage vinyl records. Black Market also sells a variety of graphic tees featuring hundreds of their own designs. They also offer silk screening for those who wish to get creative. At the end of your shopping spree, you can even grab a quick haircut in the store’s own barber, located behind the mix and mingle of clothing, shoes and accessories. The unique shop caters to almost every need and is definitely worth checking out.


Since opening in 2007, Philistine has become the ultimate one stop shop for vintage fashion enthusiasts. The store carries vintage clothing and selections from contemporary brands, such as Woolrich and Alternative Apparel. The tiny, rustic shop offers styles for women and men, as well as a collection of shoes and one-of-a-kind accessories. For those located outside the city, Philistine offers online shopping on their website.

House Of Vintage

Located at 1239 Queen Street West, House Of Vintage is run by Dennis Adamidis, who has been dealing with vintage and antique clothing for over 20 years. He is recognized around the world as an expert in all things vintage fashion, from designer to collectables. The store carries a variety of unique and one-of-a-kind clothing for men and women. After finding such success in the Toronto vintage fashion scene, House Of Vintage decided to go international and open a second location in London in 2010.

Courage My Love

Located in one of Toronto’s coolest neighborhoods, Kensington Market, Courage My Love has something for the hippie in all of us. The little blue shop carries everything from vintage clothing and jewelry, to retro bags, shoes and home décor. Founder Stewart Scriver opened the shop in 1975 as a place to sell items he had found while traveling the world. Courage My Love offers a variety of vintage clothing, beads, jewels and trinkets from all over the world. A visit to the shop takes you on a journey, as each piece of clothing or jewelry tells a story of Scriver’s travels over the years.

Courtesy of The Public Butter

The Public Butter

The Public Butter is another huge warehouse-style vintage shop with a lot to offer. The shop consists of a hand-picked compilation of some of the Black Market’s finest vintage pieces. This giant vintage collector’s heaven carries a variety of clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories and home décor. The store also offers silk screening as well as a variety of their own designs in graphic tees. You can find a collection of art on the gallery walls from local artists, and for the avid cyclist, Public Butter could be the place to find a set of wheels with a selection of vintage bicycles. As far as vintage shops go, Public Butter is certainly unique and puts in a lot of work to deliver the best selection of vintage garments, with a large crew that spends time hunting and buying pieces four days a week.

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