The Best Spots For Dim Sum In Chinatown, Toronto

Photo of Jessica Dawdy
9 February 2017

It’s difficult to imagine a more enjoyable way to experience Chinese cuisine than a leisurely dim sum meal. Although the traditional cart service is rarely offered in Toronto, there’s something immediately charming about any dish served in those bamboo steamer baskets. Plus, the small portions present a wonderful opportunity to take a chance on new flavors and unfamiliar foods. Here are some of the best places to eat dim sum in Toronto’s Chinatown.

Some Dim Sum | © Hisakazu Watanabe/Flickr

Asian Legend

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Asian Legend now has several branches across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, though its original location in Chinatown is still going strong after almost 30 years. The restaurant specializes in Northern Chinese cuisine, with the dim sum served in more generous portions than you’ll get at most Cantonese restaurants. The menu is fairly standard, but the soup-filled dumplings are what make this restaurant a stand out. The tasty dumplings are served with filling choices of ground pork; crab meat and pork; or dried scallops, pork, and luffa. The rolled onion pancake with sliced beef is another menu highlight.

Noble Seafood

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Noble Seafood is a family owned restaurant focused, as its name suggests, on seafood as well as other traditional Chinese dishes. A large hanging sign out front also advertises all day dim sum. The restaurant certainly won’t win any awards for style, but despite its no frills appearance, Noble Seafood offers a great selection of dishes at reasonable prices. The dim sum is always hot and fresh even if you stop by late in the day to fulfill a midnight craving. Try the sticky rice in lotus leaf with chicken as well as the deep fried shrimp with chives cake.

Rol San

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Rol San has been a dim sum favorite in Chinatown for decades. Waiting for more than 45 minutes isn’t uncommon on weekends, and even on weekdays, the atmosphere is usually buzzing. The restaurant’s décor is pretty drab, with plastic table cloths and old fashioned carpets, but what the restaurant lacks in style, it makes up for with its made-to-order dim sum. There are no carts, with diners instead checking off the items they want from the menu and passing it to the servers. As the large sign out front advertises, dim sum is served all day, so it’s also a good spot for late night eats.


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Rosewood looks a little underwhelming from the outside, but its interior is modern and polished, with dining offered on two levels. Rosewood offers all day dim sum in addition to all-you-can-eat dim sum for a fixed price. The huge menu features more than 100 different items, including a good mix of traditional and more imaginative offerings. From the ‘steamed’ section of the menu, try the shrimp and pea leaves dumpling; and don’t miss the traditional deep fried double milk from the ‘fried’ menu.
Rosewood Chinese Cuisine, 463 Dundas Street W, Toronto, ON, Canada, +1 416 593 9998

Dim Sum King

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The name says it all: Dim Sum King is all about dim sum. Set on the upper floor of a big Chinese mall, the restaurant offers one of the best weekday lunch deals in the city, with medium and large plates priced the same as small ones until 3pm. The large interior features plain linen tablecloths, and dim sum is served on the classic carts, perfect for diners looking for the traditional dim sum experience. It can get crowded during meal times; however, service is typically fast, and the food is always fresh. Try the steamed shrimp and scallop dumplings as well as the deep-fried baby octopus in five-spice powder.