10 Travel Bloggers Who Will Give You Instant Wanderlust

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20 October 2016

Whether you’re planning a trip, or simply curious about other cultures, travel blogs are a wonderful source of inspiration and entertainment. These intrepid bloggers not only introduce readers to exciting destinations across the globe, but demonstrate that traveling is something absolutely anyone can do. Check out this round-up of the top 10 travel bloggers who will give you instant wanderlust as they transport you from Japan to Greenland.

© Hecktic Travels

Hecktic Travels

Dalene and Pete Heck are the Canadian couple behind Hecktic Travels. The pair have been traveling around the world since 2009, and in that time they’ve kayaked among icebergs in Greenland, ridden camels in the Sahara Desert, and witnessed a violent workers’ protest in Cambodia, among countless other adventures. They’ve written a comprehensive e-book dedicated to house sitting, their favorite method of travel, which is an excellent resource for other would-be travelers hoping to follow in their footsteps.

© The Great Affair

The Great Affair

Candace Rose Rardon offers a unique perspective on destinations across the world with her evocative watercolor sketches. She’s been telling stories through both words and watercolors on her blog, The Great Affair. She’s hiked the Shodoshima 88-Temple Circuit in Japan; driven an auto-rickshaw 2,000 miles across India; and completed a Masters in Travel Writing at London’s Kingston University. Candace encourages everyone to travel with a sketchbook, highlighting how drawing places, rather than simply photographing them, helps her to slow down and form deeper connections with various destinations.

© Notes of Nomads

Notes of Nomads

After a round-the-world trip in 2006 which took them to five continents, Australian couple Jessica and Hai felt a pull to experience life in another country. They moved to Japan in 2009, living there for four years before setting out on another world trip in 2013. This time they visited 25 countries, experiencing everything from riding the Trans-Mongolian from Beijing to St. Petersburg, to attending an Indonesian wedding. Now they’re based in Japan again, continuing to blog about their experiences in their adopted home and around the world. With countless posts dedicated to Japanese festivals and general culture, their blog, Notes of Nomads, is a fantastic resource for anyone planning a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.

© Uncornered Market

Uncornered Market

Husband-and-wife Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott have visited more than 90 countries over the last 12 years. It began in 2001, when the couple left the U.S. to live and work in Prague. Five years later, they packed up again, leaving their life in Prague in favor of a semi-nomadic lifestyle. With insightful writing and excellent photography, their blog frequently focuses on humanizing destinations unfamiliar to most travelers, such as Iran and Ethiopia. In addition to promoting responsible tourism, the pair also aim to disprove the ‘ugly American’ perception that exists in many countries.

© Travels in Translation

Travels in Translation

Beth Williams’ blog, Travels in Translation, focuses on language, culture, and photography. With a BA in East Asian Culture and Language, Beth’s blog is a wonderful resource for those interested in learning about Asian culture from an expert. After visiting Japan in her last year of college, Beth taught English in Hong Kong for two years before traveling through Europe and Central America. Although she’s now based in Chicago, she continues to highlight Asian culture at home and around the world through her Finding Asia posts.

© Never Ending Voyage

Never Ending Voyage

Never Ending Voyage is the blog of British couples Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeaney. After a year-long trip around India, South East Asia, Australia, the South Pacific and the US, the pair decided to pursue a permanent nomadic lifestyle, selling everything and leaving the UK. More remarkable still is the fact that couple manages to travel with only carry-on luggage. Their blog is a mix of practical advice and inspiring stories, with a focus on quirky places, slow travel, working online, and finding vegetarian food around the world. Their series of posts on how they find apartments around the world are particularly helpful for travelers interested in unique accommodation.

© Paper Planes

Paper Planes

Alana Morgan left her hometown of Seattle more than three years ago to move to Chiang Mai, Thailand. While her blog covers her travels around the world, it focuses on life in Thailand which makes it an excellent resource for anyone planning to travel to the Land of Smiles. Posts covering topics like free things to do in Chiang Mai, and dating in Thailand take readers deeper into Thailand’s culture, beyond the typical attractions. The expat insights continue with her ‘Day-to-Day‘ series which features guest contributions by expats around the world, giving readers a unique perspective on their various adopted homes.

© Wandering Earl

Wandering Earl

Traveling the world since 1999, few travel bloggers have as much experience as Wandering Earl. He originally left the U.S. for a post-graduation trip to Southeast Asia, which has turned into almost 16 years of constant travel. As you might expect, Earl has experienced a virtually endless line-up of adventures and has also worked a number of interesting jobs, from Tour Manager on board cruise ships to an English teacher in Asia. He now runs Wandering Earl Tours, small group excursions based on his personal style of traveling.

© This Battered Suitcase

This Battered Suitcase

Brenna of This Battered Suitcase has been on the road since 2006, visiting 90 countries and every continent except Antarctica. Originally from Winnipeg, she’s lived in Halifax, Toronto, Copenhagen, Yaroslavl, Edinburgh, and Osaka. Her posts are frequently long-form narratives, and packed with plenty of gorgeous photos. She encourages readers to travel however they feel comfortable, whether that means a short vacation or a round-the-world journey. Going beyond that ‘where’ and the ‘what’ of travel, her stories are honest and often poignant.

© eTramping


eTramping is the perfect blog for anyone who believes they need a lot of money to travel. Originally from Poland, friends Agness and Cez document their experiences traveling around the world on less than $25 per day. Their posts are practical, sometimes controversial, and always inspiring, with numerous helpful destination guides and budget travel tips. More recently the pair are taking on different adventures, with Agness working on a master’s degree in New Media and Digital Culture, and Cez traveling around China, which means you can expect plenty of new stories from across Europe and Asia.

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