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This Smart Screwdriver Is Helping to Fight Cancer – Here's How

Picture of Charlotte Luxford
Home & Design Editor
Updated: 13 July 2017
This smart screwdriver, created by famous Canadian designer Joseph Hofer, wasn’t just about elevating an everyday item into something beautiful. It has a much greater purpose – to help fight cancer.

As part of the global ‘Screw Cancer’ campaign, the aim behind the collaboration between Hofer Studio and cause-innovation company Grappleworks was to create a useful, well-designed tool that would also be able to raise substantial funds for charity.

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By purchasing the E1 Multi 8 screwdriver, the buyer will be donating 40% of the total cost to one of the cancer-fighting charity partners so that they can help fund important care, treatment and support for patients and their loved ones.

Hofer’s aim was to turn the screwdriver into a desirable, aesthetically pleasing object, that isn’t just tucked away in a toolbox in the garage, but something that could be presented as a luxury gift, perfect for cancer survivors, sufferers and supporters.

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The tool itself is ergonomically designed to fit into any size of hand, with the eight useful tips stored under a magnetic cap at the end of the screwdriver, keeping them out of sight.

“The Screw Cancer screwdriver will be used for years and act as a reminder of the need to continue to raise awareness and funds for cancer support in the region,” says Tracey Bailey, president and CEO of the Grand River Hospital Foundation.

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The screwdriver is designed with durability in mind and comes with a lifetime guarantee – it can be purchased online for $50 here.