The Toronto Popcorn Company, Canada

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25 November 2016

If you find yourself wandering around Toronto’s vibrant Kensington Market neighborhood be sure to check out The Toronto Popcorn Company. From caramel to cupcake-flavoured, these little popped beauties should not be missed.

Multi-flavor Tin Can | Courtesy of The Toronto Popcorn Company

How It Popped Onto The Scene

A fairly recent addition to the area and specializing in exactly what its name suggests, The Toronto Popcorn Company was founded just over a year ago by Joseph Villegas and his wife, Caramhel. This tiny shop, located at the corner of Baldwin and Spadina, has flourished into a factory of inventive gourmet popcorn creations. The Toronto Popcorn Company offers 50+ permanent flavors of popcorn ranging from sweet to savory and everything in between. When adding the seasonal flavors offered during holidays, this number jumps to well over 70. While standard savory popcorn flavors like dill pickle, white cheddar and jalapeño are offered, visitors to the shop will discover innovative varieties like black cherry, hot cinnamon, green apple, and cupcake. The store’s guests are invited to sample as many flavors as their palates allow. With the purchase of a small, medium or large bag, generously filled to the brim, customers are able to mix any combination of flavors to satisfy every craving.

The Toronto Popcorn Company | Courtesy of The Toronto Popcorn Company

Why It’s So Popular

Each day, small batches of the shop’s signature flavors are prepared to ensure optimal freshness. No kernel goes untouched as each piece of popcorn is full of intense flavor. Think Willy Wonka’s ‘the snozzberries taste like snozzberries’ moment, flavors are as tangible and authentic as their labels. The s’mores option tastes as if every kernel was roasted over a campfire. You could be tempted to sprinkle the savory honey mustard over a burger, the piña colada flavor tastes like it was blended and strained over ice. Caramhel Villegas’ background as a pastry chef is likely the source of most of these ingenious creations. The shop’s arsenal of popcorn options is constantly updated with new additions to the menu, and the combination of flavors for the shop’s guests to sample is seemingly endless. It allows for a new experience on every visit and a unique gift for any occasion.

The Toronto Popcorn Company | Courtesy of The Toronto Popcorn Company

Why You Must Pop In

Those who frequent the Kensington Market area know that there is no shortage of snacking options. What keeps The Toronto Popcorn Company in the forefront is the obvious care that Joseph and Caramhel take in creating and presenting their product. The shop’s friendly employees make you feel welcome and never pressure you to make any quick decisions on a purchase. They are quick to offer suggestions for unexpectedly delicious flavor combinations, citing blends like jalapeño and green apple or cookies and cream and pizza as fan favorites. While the opportunity to support local businesses is abundant, particularly in Kensington Market, there is something beautifully unique about The Toronto Popcorn Company. It’s the way in which this little shop on the corner of Baldwin and Spadina is representative of the city for which it is so fondly named. Each is constantly evolving and is able to offer something for every taste.

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