The Top 10 Burger Restaurants In Toronto

The Deluxe Cheeseburger | Courtesy of P&L
The Deluxe Cheeseburger | Courtesy of P&L
The burger – a most complete meal in the palm of your hand. Incorporating all four food groups (and more), the burger is seasonally adaptable, perfect for all weather, and ready to accept the challenge of any flavor combination imaginable. Luckily for Torontonians, the city has been experiencing a burger revolution, with new burger joints popping up regularly. Here are 10 of the best places to grab a burger in Toronto.
The Big Chuck on top of Big Chuck Fries Courtesy of Holy Chuck

Holy Chuck Burgers

If you are looking for the ultimate variety of burgers and fries — not to mention the all-important milkshake — Holy Chuck Burgers has you covered. The handmade patties (made of aged, high quality steak) are ground fresh every hour and have earned the signature burger, The Holy Chuck, the title of ‘Best Burger in Toronto’ from big names including Joanne Kates and Celebrity Chef Massimo Capra. With 30 specialty burgers to choose from, you can’t go wrong. Still feeling adventurous? Add one of the ten decadent sides, or perhaps a milkshake (choose from 18 different varieties).

Holy Chuck Burgers, 1450 Yonge St, Toronto, ON, Canada, +1 416 962 4825

BQM Burger

Using local beef ground daily in-house, BQM Burger takes freshness seriously. With a menu for both signature and classic burgers on hand, BQM offers beef, veggie, or chicken patties with an order of fries or salad as a healthier option.

BQM Burger, 210 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON, Canada, +1 416 850 1919

The Deluxe Cheeseburger | Courtesy of P&L

The Deluxe Cheeseburger | Courtesy of P&L

Parts & Labour

While Parts & Labour is not a burger joint, it can’t go unmentioned. If you feel like a fun night out, but still want a great burger, this is the place for you. There are two burgers on the menu – The P&L Burger and the Cheeseburger, done just right. P&L burgers are classic and simple and accompanied by a side of fries to complete your true burger experience.
Parts and Labour, 1566 Queen St W, Toronto, ON, Canada, +1 416 588 7750


If you are game for adventurous fare, then Bareburger is the joint for you. Bareburger steps outside the box with its impressive selection of patties, making it great for both vegetarians and carnivores. While it offers the classic beef patty, you can also choose bison, elk, wild boar, duck, turkey, grilled lemon chicken, sweet potato, and wild rice, black bean, and farmer’s quinoa patties. You can also choose your bun, cheese, and bacon… Feeling creative? Craft your own perfect burger.

Bareburger, 111 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON, Canada, +1 647 345 2273

Courtesy of The Burgernator

Courtesy of The Burgernator

The Stockyards

Diner, Restaurant, American, BBQ, $$$
Classic Burger with Poutine
Classic Burger with Poutine | Courtesy of Tallboys Craft Beer House

The Stockyards embodies the modern day family diner and barbecue restaurant. With this theme comes a handful of beautifully crafted hamburgers on the menu, and The Stockyards does not disappoint. The Stockyards’s griddle-smashed burgers are cooked medium-well or well done, at your request. It has a traditional classic, a vegetarian, and a few gourmet options available to round out the burger menu.

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Tallboys Craft Beer House

With a delicious selection of burgers on the menu, Tallboys Craft Beer House is a paradise for beer and burger lovers. Known for having the largest selection of craft beers in Ontario, Tallboys not only has the perfect drink to accompany your meal, but the perfect burger to accompany your craft beer.

Tallboys, 838 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON, Canada, +1 416 535 7486

The Rude Boy

With staple gourmet burgers on the menu, The Rude Boy packs a punch with craft burgers and flavor profiles. The Rude Boy keeps the menu classy with a handful of sides, drinks, and add-ons. The Rude Boy also brings salads and sandwiches into the mix, offering a well-rounded menu full of variety and options.

Rudeboy, 397 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON, Canada, +1 416 533 3269

Three Ring Binder | Courtesy of The Works

Three Ring Binder | Courtesy of The Works

The Works

Bistro, Restaurant, American, Canadian, Pub Grub, $$$
With restaurants across the GTA and Southern Ontario, The Works proves to be not only creative and full of variety, but also highly accommodating to most dietary restrictions (a very important part of today’s dining culture). The Works can cook up the burger of your dreams with a selection of decadent and healthy sides to match. Some of the delicious sides available are fresh cut fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings, steamed broccoli, spicy coleslaw, Kraft Dinner, and more.
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The Burger’s Priest

Providing a classic selection of burgers and knowing it doesn’t need to mess with a good thing, The Burger’s Priest keeps it traditional. However, if you can answer a special skill question, you will unlock a secret menu. The secret menu contains a selection of special burgers (and a couple of milkshakes) — very enticing!

The Burger’s Priest, 3397 Yonge St, Toronto, ON, Canada, +1 416 488 3510