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The Best Street Food In Montreal, Canada
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The Best Street Food In Montreal, Canada

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Updated: 17 November 2016
With the rapidly increasing popularity of food trucks, street food has gone from basic meals to high-quality, convenient cuisine that rivals traditional restaurants. Here are the best options in sidewalk dining in Montreal, Canada.

Landry & Filles

Offering a fusion of traditional Quebecois dishes with international flavors and a menu that changes seasonally, Landry & Filles is one of Vancouver’s best reviewed food trucks. With a retro, homey feel as a self-described ‘snack bar on wheels’, Landry & Filles transforms traditional family receipes into gourmet fast food. This concept is best exemplified through plates such as their crab-based Scotch eggs, fan-favorite meatloaf sandwich and ploye, featuring salmon gravlax, fennel and caper salad, cream cheese, hard-boiled egg and caviar.


Fous Truck

Expanding from a popular patisserie restaurant locale, Fous Truck brings some of Montreal’s best croissants to the streets. Perfectly buttery and flaky, their freshly baked croissants are filled with a range of delicious, local ingredients. Their signature BFT – bacon, swiss ‘fromage’ and tomato – is a reliable, savory classic, however, Fous Truck also serves an array of options for sweet-toothed customers with jam-filled croissants and pastries.


P.A. & Gargantua

Specializing in grilled cheese sandwiches, P.A. & Gargantua takes a childhood favorite and re-imagines it through using an extensive list of delicious added ingredients. Melted and warm, their sandwiches include a vegetarian option with a house-made salsa, coriander, Cajun sour cream and cheddar. There’s also ‘Le Boss’, a combination of asparagus, soft-boiled egg and cheddar. For those looking for a grown-up spin on classic comfort food, P.A. & Gargantua is sure to delight.


Chaud Dog

Using house-made combination pork and beef sausages, buns and condiments, Chaud Dogs’ menu changes at least once a week, as they constantly try out new flavors and toppings that are influenced by local, seasonally available ingredients, often adapting to the farmers’ markets at which they appear. Their corn dog is a consistent hit, a deep fried version of their sausage. Chaud Dogs is a consistently inventive, experimental and novel take on the original street food.


Food Trucks | © Doug/Flickr
Food Trucks | © Doug/Flickr

Le Tuktuk

Le Tuktuk, roaming the streets since 2013, proudly holds the title of Montreal’s first Thai food truck. It consistently offers fresh, flavorful, imported flavors and quickly became a local favorite and a stand-out among the food truck competition. This truck often caters for events in addition to serving the hungry public of Montreal. Their spicy chicken pad Thai is a favorite and tempts people to become repeat customers. Their generous servings make their dishes a perfect option for filling up on some authentic Asian fare.