The Best Live Music in Montreal

The Best Live Music in Montreal
Montreal is full of sight and sounds to take in, and one of the best ways to do so is by visiting one of the great music venues in the city, many of which feature local bands. Here is a brief guide highlighting some of the venues in Montreal that shouldn’t be missed.
Courtesy of Divan Orange

Divan Orange

A music venue that is popular with younger crowds, Divan Orange features experimental music in both French and English. The venue is standing room only, allowing for patrons to use the space to dance and fully immerse themselves in the music. The lively atmosphere at Divan Orange makes this the place to be on the weekends.

La Sala Rossa

A historic building across from Casa del Popolo, La Sala Rossa was built in 1932 and is proud to remain a trendy hot-spot for music lovers. The venue hosts a wide variety of musicians and events, from cabaret to reggae, DJs to dance to, indie and even flamenco. Keep an eye on the schedule to find something that fits everyone’s musical preference.


Located in central downtown Montreal, Métropolis was originally built in 1884 and has since gone through a series of transformations to become the music and entertainment hub it is today. The venue can be transformed into a collection of different places, from a concert hall to a discotheque to a fancy reception hall. As a concert hall, Metropolis has hosted popular artists and bands such as David Bowie, Coldplay and Green Day.

Bar Le Ritz PDB

With wood-paneling round around the stage and a bar to the side, Bar Le Ritz PDB is a hip space to listen to local bands and dance the night away. Guests can partake in some of the many drinks offered at the bar and make use of the coat room during the cooler months. This is a beloved venue for locals and visitors alike who want to get a feel for the local music of Montreal.

Courtesy of Theatre Rialto

Théâtre Rialto

Originally built in 1923 as a movie theatre, Théâtre Rialto features a facade inspired by the Paris Opera House and neo-baroque interior decor. This theatre is a prominent location that can double as a platform for many rising stars in the Montreal area, as well as a place to forget the troubles of the day and let the sights and sounds take over.