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Aga Khan Park
Aga Khan Park | © Janet Kimber / Aga Khan Museum

The Best Exhibitions to See in Toronto in 2018

Picture of Sahar Aman
Staff Writer
Updated: 1 May 2018
Toronto’s art scene is truly vibrant. Whether featuring seasoned artists or emerging new talent, here are some of the city’s best exhibitions to check out in 2018.

Yoko Ono: The Riverbed

Thursday, February–22 Sunday, June 3

A three-part installation presented by the Gardiner Museum, Yoko Ono: The Riverbed is an experiential exhibit where visitors can collaborate with the artist, the museum, and each other. Yoko Ono–a renowned artist, musician, filmmaker, and peace activist–has been a pioneer of conceptual art that encourages the viewer to interact with her work. The three pieces in the exhibit explore various themes.

Yoko Ono, Stone Piece, 2015/2018
Yoko Ono, Stone Piece, 2015/2018 | © Yoko Ono, Courtesy of the Gardiner Museum. Photo: Toni Hafkenscheid

Stone Piece features river stones that have been shaped by water over time, on which Ono has written words such as dream, wish and remember. Visitors are asked to pick up a stone and focus on the word before leaving it in the centre of the room.

Line Piece is an evolving installation that invites participants to use hammers and nails to extend pieces of string in order to draw a line to the farthest place on the planet.

Mend Piece focuses on healing. Using glue, string, and tape, visitors put broken pieces of cups and saucers back together, and then leave them on shelves in a stark white room. As Ono says, “as you mend the cup, mending that is needed elsewhere in the Universe gets done as well. Be aware of it as you mend.”

Gardiner Museum, Queens Park, Toronto, ON, Canada, +1 416 586 8080