The Best Burger Joints In Ottawa, Canada

The Best Burger Joints In Ottawa, Canada
The growing culinary scene in Ottawa has plenty of options to choose from, but sometimes you just need a good burger. From gourmet to tropical, we uncover the best places in the city to get your fast food fix.
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Burgers n’ Fries Forever

At Burgers n’ Fries Forever, the owners pride themselves on creating handcrafted burgers whilst focusing on quality, fresh ingredients. The open-plan concept of the kitchen means that orders are prepared right in front of you and, despite its popularity, the service is always slick and fast. The menu is varied, with a range of wide toppings available alongside your choice of patty and bun, meaning there are seemingly endless combos to be made.

Burgers n’ Fries Forever, 329 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada, +1 613 230 3456


The most traditional of our featured burger restaurants, Hintonburger serves classic fast food made from good quality ingredients. Do not expect anything particularly unusual, but rather authentic, handmade burgers and a small range of extras including fantastic milkshakes. The interior is decorated in a traditional diner style giving it a fun, retro feel and the outdoor picnic-style seating makes it even more welcoming in the summer months.

Hintonburger, 1096 Wellington Street W, Ottawa, ON, Canada, +1 819 414 3649

Bite Burger House

The concept behind Bite Burger House is the idea of elevating a simple burger into something altogether more unique and exciting. Each option on the menu has its own gourmet twist and there are several unusual options, including the Goats ‘n Honey burger, which features honey goat’s cheese and oven roasted tomatoes on a ciabatta bun. Alongside the food, there is a good selection of local beers and a delicious cocktail list.

Bite Burger House, 108 Murray Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada, +1 613 562 2483

Baja Burger Shack

Baja Burger Shack opened in summer 2010, operating as a seasonal pop-up on Ottawa’s Britannia Beach. The menu is short and simple but a combination of tasty food, quick service and tropical flair has led Baja becoming one of Ottawa’s best-loved burger joints. A refreshing range of alcoholic and fruity iced drinks are also available to enjoy and are perfect alongside your meal for a sunny day at the beach.
Baja Burger Shack, 100 Greenview Avenue, Britannia Village, Ottawa, ON, Canada, +1 613 614 2233

Vera’s Burger Shack

A British Columbia favorite, Vera’s Burger Shack also began its life as a beach concession way back in 1977. Their first Ottawa location is now open within ‘The Butchery’, giving Eastern Canada their first chance to try these delectable burgers. There is limited seating available but there is also the option to purchase your food as take-out.

Vera’s Burger Shack, The Butchery, 3657 Richmond Road, Ottawa, ON, Canada, + 1 613 829 9133