A Guide to Montreal's Best Bookshops

Montreal | © Unsplash/Flickr
Montreal | © Unsplash/Flickr
Photo of Sam Grimes
12 April 2017

In this city of learning there is no shortage of books to buy. Francophiles and bibliophiles alike can rejoice in the many English and French language bookstores Montreal has on offer. Whether you want to spend hours browsing books or want to pull the latest comic from a chic, hipster center, your desires are easily fulfilled by Montreal’s bookshop scene.

Librairie Drawn and Quarterly

Located in Montreal’s Mile-End, Drawn and Quarterly is probably the city’s most well known bookstore. The collection caters to the youth, with large selections of comic books, instructions for graphic design, manga, and many independently published works. Drawn and Quarterly is also Montreal’s premier destination for local author’s holding book launch events. The downside for this location is that if you are seeking a traditional bookshop that smells of old parchment and aging leather you are out of luck. Drawn and Quarterly is quite modern.

Courtesy of Drawn and Quarterly | Courtesy of Drawn and Quarterly


Argo picks up what Drawn and Quarterly left out. A classic bookshop that has all the feelings associated with aging archivists, arcane curiosities and all the literary greats. Argo offers a fantastic and sweeping collection of used books. Come here for the tomes of academia or the newest New York Times bestseller. Despite not possessing the modern and trendy feel of Drawn and Quarterly, Argo’s staid atmosphere should satisfy the classic bibliophiles.

Argo | ©Matthew Brooks

Librairie Gallimard

Montreal is a French-speaking city in a French-speaking province, and Librarie Gallimard is a French-language bookstore. If you’re a francophile and are looking for something to read in le langue d’amore then come and peruse the selection in Gallimard. The number of titles on display is vast and part of the charm of this independent bookseller is just browsing. If you cannot read French you are out of luck at Gallimard, but if you can, you will be delighted shopping here.

Librairie Gallimard | © ActuaLitté/Flickr


L’Échange is a French-language bookstore in the heart of Montreal and also known for its extensive vinyl, featuring a collection of both French and English music. For the Francophile, the book options range from philosophy to classics to bestsellers to cookbooks to joke books. The options in French are anything but limited.

L’Echange is Known for its Extensive Collection of Vinyl | © Unsplash/Pixabay

Librairie T. Westcott

This place is packed with books and cats. Well, not packed with cats, but there are some permanent feline residents haunting the shop. As far as books are concerned, it is packed with so many they don’t fit on the shelves. T. Westcott is a used bookseller, with books in French and English.

T.Wescott is a Used Books | © PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay

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