The 10 Best Restaurants In Baddeck, Canada

Fresh Lobster | © llee_wu / flickr
Fresh Lobster | © llee_wu / flickr
Baddeck is a charming village in Victoria County within the visually stunning province of Nova Scotia. Here, you’ll never be too far from a lovely meal. We’ve compiled a convenient guide of the best restaurants in this gorgeous area.

The Bite House

Baddeck may be small, but it’s full of character, and with character comes fantastic food – in our experience, anyway. The Bite House does little to disprove this theory. Not only does it feel very unspoiled and almost one of Baddeck’s best-kept secrets thanks to its concealed location with a beautiful backdrop, the customer service is also the epitome of attentive. Meanwhile each course is akin to culinary art. Canada may get extremely icy, but the atmosphere in The Bite House is anything but.

1471 Westside Baddeck Road, Baddeck

Bean There Cafe

Cafe, Canadian, Vegetarian, $$$
Coffee | © Alan Levine/Flickr
A quintessential Baddeck offering, Bean There is the heart of the town, but its decor and essence make it feel much more rural. In this commercial, industrialized world, this can only be a good thing. Its genuinely good quality has made it well-known among both locals and tourists, so it can get busy, but you’ll always be rewarded by the end of the wait. The relaxed al-fresco seating is another positive trait associated with Bean There.
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Chanterelle Country Inn & Cottages

Inn, Cottages
If you’re looking for something that screams “Canadian!” which, let’s face it, you probably are if you’re in Canada, you’ve struck gold with Chanterelle Country Inn & Cottages. While overlooking masses of atmospheric highlands, you’ll enjoy locally sourced, often organic delicacies such as wild mushroom soup, lobster caught from the nearby coast, and blueberry salad. The Inn is a lovely place to eat, while the adjacent Cottages are an ideal location to stay. In 2008, it was awarded the Local Food Heroes Recognition by the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia – an acclaim it still lives up to.
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McCurdy’s Dining Room

As soon as you walk into McCurdy’s, you’ll realize why the place is so popular. It’s so good, some even criticize the attentively speedy service because they want even more time to sit around soaking up the atmosphere. Like many restaurants dotted around Nova Scotia’s coastline, McCurdy’s has a cheery feel, with a real emphasis on community spirit. It’s not your typical fancy seafood – instead, you’ll find stuffed haddock and pasta medleys as well as local vegetables and apple crisps.

257 Shore Road, Baddeck, Nova Scotia B0E 1B0

Kissing Cod

As Baddeck is a shore-side community, you’d expect to find plenty of fresh fish caught that morning. And you’d be right – the vast majority of restaurants here count seafood among their most popular orders. However, the clues may be in the name – Kissing Cod is one of the best for fresh seafood. The haddock, scallops, smoked salmon, and slightly fancier oysters are stand-outs, and the staff are extremely accommodating. Of course, vegetarians should probably look away now – but that’s the only criticism.

1 Jones Street, Baddeck, Nova Scotia

Two Buoys

Although Two Buoys is widely sticking to the seafood theme, you shouldn’t look away just yet if you’re sick of fish by now. You can also get zesty lemon salads and curried chicken wraps, for example. However, we have to mention that their lobster rolls are the highlight of the menu. If you sit on the back patio, you’ll be able to overlook the stunning English gardens while eating. This is another lovely local treasure.

459 Chebucto Street, Baddeck, Nova Scotia B0E 1B0

Tom’s Pizza

You’d struggle to find a Baddeck resident who isn’t closely acquainted with Tom’s Pizza. If you’re a pizza lover (which research tells us is most people), you won’t ever want to leave. There’s a variety of delicious pizzas in a casual, fun setting – you can’t go wrong. Sometimes it’s nice to avoid fancy restaurants and instead sit back with a stuffed crust and a beer in true Canadian style.

464 Chebucto, Baddeck, Nova Scotia NS B0E 1B0

High Wheeler Cafe

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High Wheeler is a go-to option whether you’re eating in or taking out. Delicious food in a central location, it’s a clear stand-out among Baddeck’s eating scene. It’s a sweet cafe with oodles of personality, wonderful coffee (makes a nice change against chains like Tim Hortons), and stacks of lunchtime options from warming soups to flavorsome quesadillas. They’re also great for breakfast – bacon, eggs, fresh fruit, or even blueberry and raspberry scones. You’ll be spoiled for choice.
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Baddeck Lobster Supper

In case you hadn’t noticed by now, it’s fair to say Baddeck residents are proud of their lobster. Although of course Baddeck Lobster Supper happily serves lobster, you have to try some other offerings as well. The chowder, mussels, crab, salad, and steaks are delicious. The workers are friendly and the cost is effective considering how much you get for your money. End your savory meal with a sweet treat – their berry cobblers come particularly recommended.

17 Ross Street, Baddeck, Nova Scotia B0E1B0

Red Barn Restaurant

Red Barn Restaurant offers a relaxed, comfortable feel. Tourists to the area will note that it seems authentically Canadian, set in a charming farmyard-esque building. It’s slightly further out of Baddeck’s center but makes a great place for a quick bite to eat if you’re driving in and out of town. Pleasantly, their recipes have remained unchanged for decades – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. They serve a wide range of comfort foods, and not just seafood. There are also options from hearty lasagna to lighter Caesar salads.

2 Cabot Trail | Exit 7,Route 105, Baddeck, Nova ScotiaB0E 1B0