The 10 Best Brunch And Breakfast Spots In Montreal, Canada

Montreal | © abdallahh/Flickr
Montreal | © abdallahh/Flickr
The largest city in the province of Quebec has unquestionably one of the most exciting food scenes in Canada. The unique combination of European and North American cultures is visible throughout the city’s architecture and the authentic international cuisine that’s tabled here. Here we take a look at some unmissable restaurants and cafes.


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With permission from Le Sparrow PR, March 16 2018
Le Sparrow Bar | © Daniel Haber


Sparrow offers comfort food and cocktails galore to make for some of the most fulfilling breakfasts in town. There are standard brunch items like sunny side eggs, bacon, sausage, and granola and yogurt drizzled with sweet honey. There are also less traditional choices, such as the breakfast donuts filled with lemon curd and the Turkish breakfast which includes a fig jam, pita bread, an assorted nut selection, soft boiled eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes and fruit. Breakfast comes with hot drinks served in antique tea cups.
Address: Sparrow, 5322 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, Canada, +1 514-507-1642

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Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a vegetarian-friendly joint offering a complete European-inspired menu along with seasonal dishes. The cocktails are flowing aplenty and the portions are more than generous in this off-the-beaten-track find. Some of the breakfast items waiting to be tried here are the apple crepes, the gravlax with avocado dill cream and the scrambled eggs with assorted greens. The drinks mix fresh juices with alcohol to make for a strong start to the day.
Address: Santa Barbara, 6696 Rue de Saint Vallier, Montréal, Canada, +1 514-273-4555

Le Carter

Located in Old Montreal, Le Carter offers a brunch replete with gourmet food and unique breakfast specials. For example, the Brunch de L’Atlantique is served with a salmon cake, potatoes, smoked salmon over a bagel, eggs and a side of salad and fruits. On the other hand, Brunch des Cantons comes with an English-style breakfast served with beans, ham, eggs and sausage in a cast iron skillet. Drink the freshly squeezed orange juice or one of the original coffees such as the moka noir orange flavored coffee. The options abound in this classic French-Canadian joint.
Address: Le Carter, 106 Rue McGill, Montréal, Canada, +1 514-871-8887


Located across from the Plaza de les Arts, Eggspectation consistently delights patrons with a relaxed ambiance and a huge menu offering traditional and more modern fare. Most of the plates are healthy and hearty at the same time, such as veggie omelet, the bagel BLT sandwich and the banana walnut pancakes. Or try the ‘sugar shack special’: maple syrup, eggs, smoked ham, potatoes, beans and a bowl of fruit including pineapple, grapefruit, and orange, not so healthy perhaps, but darn tasty!
Address: Eggspectation, 1313 De Maisonneuve West, Montréal, Canada, +1 514-842-3447