The 10 Best Bars In Quebec City, Canada

A free outdoor performance by Cirque du Soleil, under the Dufferin-Montmorency highway in Quebec City © Benson Kua/WikiCommons
A free outdoor performance by Cirque du Soleil, under the Dufferin-Montmorency highway in Quebec City © Benson Kua/WikiCommons
Photo of Christina Zoga
9 February 2017

Relaxed and cozy environments, elegant and chic atmosphere, a variety of different types of local bands and live shows complete the imaginative setting of Quebec’s nightlife. Here are the top 10 bars.

Le Sacrilège

Bar, Pub Grub
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A street in Rue Saint-Jean, Québec
A street in Rue Saint-Jean, Québec | Pierre-Olivier Fortin/Flickr
Across from a small church, Le Sacrilège is one of the most special places in Quebec. It has a relaxed atmosphere, friendly and welcoming staff and a variety of drinks at reasonable prices. This, as well as art exhibitions and live performances distinguish this lovely bar and explain its reputation among the regulars and locals. The small inner terrace of the bar is characterized as the best terrace in town, often welcoming hockey nights and live DJ shows. Also, the high-end bartenders are there to make you love the bar at first sight.

Le Cercle

Bar, Restaurant, Canadian, $$$
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View of Chateau Frontenac and the surrounding area from Levis
View of Chateau Frontenac and the surrounding area from Levis | © Martin St-Amant/Wikicommons
Le Cercle can be characterized as restaurant, bar and exhibit space. Artistic and music shows, as well as DJ nights, take place in this multi-disciplinary bar which is the ideal place for everyone, from families to students and tourists. Exceptional dishes carefully prepared with top quality products and ingredients make your night out even better. For the cocktail-lovers, please prepare yourself to taste homemade house-inspired cocktails and a selection of good wines.

Maurice Nightclub

Bar, Nightclub, Pub Grub, $$$
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Rue Saint-Louis, Vieux Quebec (Old Quebec) - Quebec City
Rue Saint-Louis, Vieux Quebec (Old Quebec) - Quebec City | © Yacosta/WikiCommons
Maurice Nightclub is the ideal choice for all party-lovers, combining both the thumping bass of a nightclub and the elegant atmosphere of the charming bar. In the middle of Grande-Allée, Maurice Nightclub attracts a variety of chic people ready to enjoy their nights dancing, drinking exquisite cocktails and good wine, and meeting new people. Also offered is the option of the Charlotte Ultra Lounge for those who prefer to enjoy their drink in a more relaxed environment. Both clubbers and bar-lovers have the opportunity to enjoy music settings with the greatest hits from experienced and well-known DJs.

Bar Ste-Angèle

Bar, Canadian, $$$
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Hidden in a small street of the Old City of Quebec, this place will enchant you with its coziness and its sophisticated live jazz music. Its popularity stems from its imaginative selection of classic and more innovative cocktails served in pitchers. The bar Ste-Angèle also gives you the opportunity to enjoy your drink meeting new friends, chatting with people and sipping delicious cocktails in the most touristic side of the city under the Canadian sky. With the bar’s reasonable prices, there is no excuse not to visit this hidden treasure of Quebec.

Le Pape Georges

Restaurant, Bistro, French, Pub Grub, $$$
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Mussels and cockles cooked in white wine
Mussels and cockles cooked in white wine | ©Cooking etc. /Flickr
Le Pape Georges is the right place to enjoy your night out listening to jazz and blues. Warm and friendly service in an inviting and cozy atmosphere, with emphasis to wooden furnishings and dark stone walls, remind you of traditional pubs and brasseries. The warm atmosphere also explains the bar’s stellar reputation and its loyal following of locals. The building dates from the 1600s, making you feel that you have stepped back in time on the taxi over.

Les Salons d'Edgar

Bar, Restaurant, European, $$$
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Les Salons d’Edgar is located in an old movie theater in Saint Roch. The dark yet cozy and inviting atmosphere draws a more sophisticated but relaxed thirty-something crowd, as well as lovers of good wine and delicious cocktails. A variety of snacks and well-prepared dishes always keeps you company, with tasteful homemade cocktail creations only an order away. This bar offers you a lovely and elegant way to spend a night out while you are relaxing in cozy couches and sofas near to the charming fireplace, or playing billiards with friends.

Bar le Temps Partiel

Bar, Canadian, $$$
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Now le Drague
Now le Drague | © Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose/Flickr
Another place in which to enjoy art exhibits and live music from local and regional bands is the Bar le Temps Partiel. Alternative music, such as punk, metal and indie, as well as popular DJs, promise to make your night unforgettable at this elegant bar. Drawing its crowd depending on the music nights, this place is full of artists, students, musicians and locals who love music and art and enjoy them even more while sipping tasteful cocktails. A great combination of music and art, the bar’s pioneering approach to Quebec’s nightlife will enchant you.

Le Drague

Bar, Gay Bar, Pub Grub
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Fou-Bar | © Djun Kim/Flickr
Le Drague is a hotspot of the Quebec’s gay nightlife. Offering a variety of shows such as video poker, dancing and drag shows in three distinct spaces and levels, this bar is a Quebec nightlife experience like no other. You can enjoy participating and having fun in the karaoke night in the cabaret, or you can find yourself dancing in house and techno vibes at the disco on the ground floor. Divided into ways that work for all the kinds of audience, the Le Drague’s friendly and entertaining environment will quickly make you part of its enthusiastic audience.

Le Fou Bar

Bar, Pub, Pub Grub, $$$
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In the heart of the narrow Rue Saint-Jean, Le Fou Bar is popular for its daily beer specials. Get ready to love the old and atmospheric stone fireplace and the amazing and elegant combination of stone and red-brick walls. The abundance of foosball tables and soft, relaxing lighting help create the ideal atmosphere. Here you can enjoy your daily special beer or beers on tap with friends and relax with locals and tourists at this inviting and traditional pub-inspired setting. Welcome to the beer special paradise in the heart of the city of Quebec.

Societe Cigare Bar

Bar, Cuban, $$$
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Societe Cigare Bar is a place to smoke free of guilt and enjoy your drink. The popular Societe Cigare has one of the city’s largest selection of Cuban cigars. This place gives you the chance to taste new smokes on its lovely terrace gazing at the Grand Allee under the sky, feeling the night breeze. The live blues or jazz music shows are a must, as they invite you to a wonderful and romantic setting located at Chez Maurice.